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सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } treat well or with respect
अतिथिं सत्करोति verb 8 atithiM satkaroti { sat- kR } host
षट्क adj. SaTka occurring for the sixth time
षट्क adj. SaTka bought for six
षट्क adj. SaTka consisting of six
षट्क adj. SaTka doing anything for the sixth time
षट्क m. SaTka six
षट्क n. SaTka hexade [aggregate of six]
षट्क n. SaTka six passions collectively
षट्कल adj. SaTkala lasting for six kalAs
सत्कला f. satkalA fine art
सत्कार m. satkAra festival
सत्कार m. satkAra attention
सत्कार m. satkAra hospitality
सत्कार m. satkAra honour
सत्कार m. satkAra hospitable treatment
सत्कार m. satkAra care
षट्कार m. SaTkAra syllable SaT
सत्कार m. satkAra religious observance
सत्कार m. satkAra kind treatment
सत्कार m. satkAra consideration of or regard for a thing
सत्कार m. satkAra regard
सत्कार m. satkAra reverence
सत्कार m. satkAra feasting
सत्कार m. satkAra consideration
सत्कार m. satkAra favour
सत्कवि m. satkavi good or true poet
सत्काण्ड m. satkANDa hawk
सत्काण्ड m. satkANDa kite
सत्काण्ड m. satkANDa falcon
षट्कर्ण adj. SaTkarNa heard by six ears
षट्कर्ण adj. SaTkarNa six-eared
षट्कर्ण m. SaTkarNa sort of lute
सत्कर्तृ adj. satkartR a benefactor
सत्कर्तृ adj. satkartR acting well
सत्कर्तृ adj. satkartR doing good
सत्कर्तृ adj. satkartR treating well or kindly
सत्कार्य adj. satkArya one to whom the last honours are to be paid
सत्कार्य adj. satkArya deserving of honour or hospitality
सत्कार्य adj. satkArya that which is effected
सात्कर्य n. sAtkarya effecting anything well
सात्कर्य n. sAtkarya effectiveness
सत्कार्य n. satkArya necessary existence of an effect
सत्कथा f. satkathA good conversation or tale
सत्काव्य n. satkAvya good poem
षट्कपाल adj. SaTkapAla distributed in six cups
सत्करण n. satkaraNa funeral obsequies [ceremonial cremation;burial of a corpse]
सत्करण n. satkaraNa cremation of a corpse
सत्करण n. satkaraNa doing honour
सत्कर्मन् adj. satkarman performing good actions
षट्कर्मन् m. SaTkarman performer of the above six acts
षट्कर्मन् m. SaTkarman Brahman who is an adept in the tantra magical formularies
षट्कर्मन् n. SaTkarman six acts any one of which is allowable to a Brahman householder as a means of subsistence
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman expiation
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman piety
षट्कर्मन् n. SaTkarman six acts belonging to the practice of yoga
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman funeral obsequies
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman virtue
षट्कर्मन् n. SaTkarman six acts for inflicting various kinds of injury on enemies
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman good work
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman virtuous act
षट्कर्मन् n. SaTkarman six duties of Brahmans
सत्कर्मन् n. satkarman hospitality
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } honour
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } put in order
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } adorn
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } set right
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } arrange
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } treat or receive hospitably
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } cremate
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } pay the last honours to
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { sat- sR } show hospitality
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } garnish
सत्करोति verb satkaroti { satkR } prepare
षट्खण्ड adj. SaTkhaNDa consisting of six parts
सत्कदम्ब m. satkadamba species of Kadamba
सत्कारार्ह adj. satkArArha worthy of hospitable treatment
सत्कवित्व n. satkavitva true poetic gift
षट्कमासिक adj. SaTkamAsika hired for six months
सत्कारयति verb caus. satkArayati { satkR } cause to pay the last honours
सत्कारयति verb caus. satkArayati { satkR } pay respect
सत्कारयति verb caus. satkArayati { satkR } show reverence
सत्कारयति verb caus. satkArayati { satkR } cause to be treated with respect or reverence
षट्कर्मकृत् m. SaTkarmakRt Brahman
षट्कर्मवत् m. SaTkarmavat Brahman
सत्कर्तव्य adj. satkartavya one who is to be honoured
सत्काञ्चनार m. satkAJcanAra Orchid tree [Bauhinia variegata - Bot.]
सत्कार्यवाद m. satkAryavAda doctrine of the actual existence of an effect
सत्कायदृष्टि f. satkAyadRSTi view of the existence of a personality or individuality
सत्कल्पवृक्ष adj. satkalpavRkSa where kalpa-trees are found
सत्कार्यवादिन् m. satkAryavAdin adherent of the above doctrine
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