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ऊर्मिन् adj. Urmin wavy
ऊर्मिन् adj. Urmin undulating
ऊर्मिका f. UrmikA wave
ऊर्मिक n. Urmika ring
ऊर्मि f. Urmi wave
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi fold or plait in a garment
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi speed
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi appearance
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi line
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi symbolical expression for the number six
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi becoming manifest
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi missing
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi velocity
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi billow
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi regretting
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi wave of pain or passion or grief
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi desire
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi row
ऊर्मि m.f. Urmi waves of existence
ऊर्मिका f. UrmikA finger ring
ऊर्मिका f. UrmikA plait or fold in a garment
ऊर्मिका f. UrmikA humming
ऊर्मिमत् adj. Urmimat undulating
ऊर्मिमत् adj. Urmimat billowy
ऊर्मिमत् adj. Urmimat plaited
ऊर्मिमत् adj. Urmimat curled
ऊर्मिमत् adj. Urmimat wavy
ऊर्मिमत् m. Urmimat crooked
ऊर्मिमत् m. Urmimat ocean
ऊर्मिमाला f. UrmimAlA row of waves
ऊर्मिमाला f. UrmimAlA garland of waves
ऊर्मिमालिन् adj. UrmimAlin wreathed with waves
ऊर्मिमालिन् adj. UrmimAlin having waves
ऊर्मिमालिन् m. UrmimAlin ocean
ऊर्मिमत्ता f. UrmimattA undulation
ऊर्मिमत्ता f. UrmimattA crookedness
ऊर्मिषट्कातिग adj. UrmiSaTkAtiga one who has surpassed or overcome the six waves of existence
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