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सामान्यतः indecl. sAmAnyataH usually
जाते loc. jAte usually
पारयति / -ते verb caus. pArayati / -te { pR } make something work [usually with loc.]
अस्मिन् मासे प्रायेण शीतल m. asmin mAse prAyeNa zItala Usually it is cold in this month.
सददि ind. sadadi usually
भूम्ना ind. bhUmnA usually
भूयशस् ind. bhUyazas usually
बाहुल्येन ind. bAhulyena usually
प्रायभव adj. prAyabhava usually met with
अघा f. aghA constellation usually called maghA
अङ्गुष्ठ m. aGguSTha usually regarded as equal to an aGgula
फल्गु f. phalgu red powder usually of the root of wild ginger
योगविभाग m. yogavibhAga disuniting or separation of that which is usually combined
अर्काश्मन् m. arkAzman opal which is usually white or bluish white but reddish in a bright light [heliotrope girasol]
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