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कुत्र indecl. kutra where
कू adverb kU where?
कुहया ind. kuhayA where?
कुतस् ind. kutas where?
कुह ind. kuha where?
क्व? indecl. kva? where? [locative of ka]
क्व indecl. kva where?
यत्रकुत्रापि indecl. yatrakutrApi wherever
कुत्र ind. kutra wherefore?
किम् indecl. kim wherefore?
कस्मात् indecl. kasmAt wherefore?
क्वजन्मन् adj. kvajanman where born?
कुतः interr. kutaH from where?
क्वस्थ adj. kvastha where being?
क्वत्य adj. kvatya being where?
सः कुत्रत्यः ? sent. saH kutratyaH ? Where is he?
कुहयाकृति adj. kuhayAkRti where active?
कुत्र सः ? sent. kutra saH ? Where is he ?
त्वं कुत्र असि ? sent. tvaM kutra asi ? Where are you?
क्वस्थ adj. kvastha standing where? [i.e., inqusitive about whereabouts]
क्वस्थ adj. kvastha standing where? [i.e., inqusitive about whereabouts]
क्वनिवास adj. kvanivAsa where dwelling?
किम् ind. kim wherefore then?
कुत्र आसीद् भवती ? sent. kutra AsId bhavatI ? Where were you? [fem.]
कुत्र आसीद् भवान् ? sent. kutra AsId bhavAn ? Where were you? [masc.]
किम् चिरेण ? expr. kim cireNa ? wherefore delay?
स कुत्र गच्छति ? sent. sa kutra gacchati ? Where does he go?
कुतस्त्य adj. kutastya coming from where?
भवतः लेखनी कुत्र? sent. bhavataH lekhanI kutra? Where is your pen?
अद्य त्वम् कुत्र असि? sent. adya tvam kutra asi? Where are you now?
कुतस् ind. kutas from where? whence?
क्व सुखम्? phrase kva sukham? Where is happiness?
भवान् / भवती कुत्र गच्छति? sent. bhavAn / bhavatI kutra gacchati? Where are you going?
भवान् कुत्र गच्छति ? sent. bhavAn kutra gacchati ? Where are you going?
भवान् कुत्र वसति ? sent. bhavAn kutra vasati ? Where do you reside?
तव मार्गः कुत्र अस्ति ? sent. tava mArgaH kutra asti ? Where is your street?
इदानीं कुत्र वासः? sent. idAnIM kutra vAsaH? Where are you put up?
भवतः लेखा कुत्र अस्ति ? sent. bhavataH lekhA kutra asti ? Where is your account?
इदानीं कुत्र उद्योगः? sent. idAnIM kutra udyogaH? Where do you work now?
ताज्महल् कुत्र अस्ति ? sent. tAjmahal kutra asti ? Where is the Tajmahal?
इमां कुत्र क्रीतवती? sent. imAM kutra krItavatI? Where did you buy this?
भवान् कुतः आगच्छति? sent. bhavAn kutaH Agacchati? Where do you come from?
कियत् पर्यन्तं त्वम् अटसि ? sent. kiyat paryantaM tvam aTasi ? Up to where do you walk?
कुत्र भवतः निवासः ? sent. kutra bhavataH nivAsaH ? Where is your residence?
तव निवासः कुत्र ? sent. tava nivAsaH kutra ? where is your residence?
कुत्रत्य adj. kutratya where living or residing?
कुत्र उद्योगं करोति भवती ? sent. kutra udyogaM karoti bhavatI ? Where do you (fem.) work?
भवतः गृहं कुत्र अस्ति ? sent. bhavataH gRhaM kutra asti ? Where is your (m.) house?
भवान् (भवती) कुतः आगच्छति? sent. bhavAn (bhavatI) kutaH Agacchati? Where are you coming from?
मशकजालः कुत्र? sent. mazakajAlaH kutra? Where is the mosquito net?
ह्यः त्वं कुत्र आसीः ? sent. hyaH tvaM kutra AsIH ? Where were you yesterday ?
चीटिकां कुत्र क्रीणामि? sent. cITikAM kutra krINAmi? Where shall I buy a ticket?
एतावत्पर्यन्तं कुत्र गतवान्? sent. etAvatparyantaM kutra gatavAn? Where had you been so long?
कुतस् ind. kutas whereto? in which direction?
ह्यः कियत् पर्यन्तं पाठितवान्? sent. hyaH kiyat paryantaM pAThitavAn? Where did we stop yesterday?
भवतः पिता कुत्र कार्यं करोति? sent. bhavataH pitA kutra kAryaM karoti? Where does your father work?
कुतः आनीतवान् ? sent. kutaH AnItavAn ? From where did you bring it?
यात्रापत्रं कुत्र क्रेतव्यम् ? sent. yAtrApatraM kutra kretavyam ? Where should I buy a ticket?
एतद् वस्त्रं कुत्र क्रीतवन्तः? sent. etad vastraM kutra krItavantaH? Where did you buy this cloth?
एषः मार्गः कुत्र गच्छति? sent. eSaH mArgaH kutra gacchati? Where does this path lead to?
क्व ind. kva where? in what place? whither?
मौल्यमापनं कुत्र? sent. maulyamApanaM kutra? Where is valuation going to be?
अत्र पत्रालयः कुत्र अस्ति? sent. atra patrAlayaH kutra asti? Where is the post office, here?
क्षमस्व, तव गृहम् कुत्र अस्ति? sent. kSamasva, tava gRham kutra asti? Excuse me, where is your house?
मातः दन्तकूर्चः कुत्र ? sent. mAtaH dantakUrcaH kutra ? Mother, where is the toothbrush?
किम् ind. kim what? how? whence? wherefore? why?
पिता कुत्र? इदानीम् अपि न आगतवान् वा? sent. pitA kutra? idAnIm api na AgatavAn vA? Where is father? Isn't he home yet?
तर्हि कुत्र दृष्टवान्? sent. tarhi kutra dRSTavAn? In that case where have I seen you?
कुत्र ind. kutra where? whereto? in which case? when?
कुत्र ind. kutra where? whereto? in which case? when?
कुत्र गतवान्? गृहे नास्ति वा? sent. kutra gatavAn? gRhe nAsti vA? Where has he gone? Isn't he at home?
यत्र धूमः तत्र वह्निः sent. yatra dhUmaH tatra vahniH Where there is smoke, there is fire.
यत्र भक्तः तत्र भगवान् sent. yatra bhaktaH tatra bhagavAn Where there is faithful, there is God.
एषः सङ्केतः कुत्र इति जानाति वा? sent. eSaH saGketaH kutra iti jAnAti vA? Do you know where this address / place is?
किमर्थम् ind. kimartham from what motive? what for? wherefore? why?
भवान् बहु सम्यक् पाकं करोति भोः | कुतः ज्ञातवान् ? sent. bhavAn bahu samyak pAkaM karoti bhoH | kutaH jJAtavAn ? You cook very well. From where did you learn that?
आपणतः आनीतानि सस्यानि कुत्र आरोपयामि ? sent. ApaNataH AnItAni sasyAni kutra AropayAmi ? Where do I plant the plants that I brought from the shop?
कूप्याः पिधानी कुत्र स्थापितवान् भवान् ? अत्र कुत्रापि नास्ति sent. kUpyAH pidhAnI kutra sthApitavAn bhavAn ? atra kutrApi nAsti Where did you put the bottle cap ? It is not anywhere here.
क्व ind. kva kva - kva or kutra-kva where is this? where is that? how distant is this from that? how little does this agree with that?
क्व ind. kva kva - kva or kutra-kva where is this? where is that? how distant is this from that? how little does this agree with that?
यतस् adverb yatas where
येन ind. yena where
कुविद् ind. kuvid where
क्व indecl. kva where
यतस् adverb yatas whereof
यदर्थे ind. yadarthe whereas
यत्र ind. yatra wherein
यर्हि ind. yarhi whereas
इतरद् ind. itarad whereas
याभिस् ind. yAbhis whereby
यदर्थम् ind. yadartham whereas
कुत्र indecl. kutra whereto
क्व ind. kva wherever
यत्र ind. yatra wherever
कुत्र ind. kutra wherever
कुहचिद् ind. kuhacid wherever
सप्तमी विभक्ति phrase saptamI vibhakti locative [place/time where/when action occurs]
यतस् adverb yatas wherefore
यतस् adverb yatas wherefrom
यत्कृते ind. yatkRte wherefore
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