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अनिष्ट ppp. aniSTa undesired
अनिष्ट ppp. aniSTa unwanted
अनिष्टसन्देशा m. aniSTasandezA spam [computer]
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa not honoured with a sacrifice
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa wrong
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa unwelcome
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa ominous
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa disadvantageous
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa unfavourable
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa leading to hell
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa not offered in sacrifice
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa bad
अनिष्ट adj. aniSTa undesirable
अनिष्टा f. aniSTA kind of mallow plant [Sida Alba - Bot.]
अनिष्ट n. aniSTa calamity
अनिष्ट n. aniSTa evil
अनिष्ट n. aniSTa disadvantage
अणिष्ठ adj. aNiSTha most minute
अनिष्ठा f. aniSThA unsteadiness
अनिष्ठा f. aniSThA unsteadfastness
अनिष्टक adj. aniSTaka without bricks
अनिस्तब्ध adj. anistabdha not rendered immovable or stiff
अनिस्तब्ध adj. anistabdha not paralysed
अनिस्तब्ध adj. anistabdha not fixed
अनिष्टहेतु m. aniSTahetu evil omen
अनिष्टग्रह m. aniSTagraha evil planet
अनिष्टफल n. aniSTaphala evil result
अनिष्टयज्ञ adj. aniSTayajJa one who has not sacrificed
अनिष्टशङ्का f. aniSTazaGkA foreboding or fear of evil or misfortune
अनिष्टापादन n. aniSTApAdana not obtaining what is desire or obtaining what is not desired
अनिष्टसूचक adj. aniSTasUcaka ominous
अनिष्टसूचक adj. aniSTasUcaka foreboding evil
अनिष्टाशंसिन् adj. aniSTAzaMsin indicating or boding evil
अनिष्टदुष्टधि adj. aniSTaduSTadhi having an evil and corrupt mind
अनिष्टप्रसङ्ग m. aniSTaprasaGga connection with a wrong object or a wrong argument or a wrong rule
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