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अभिदाश् verb 1 abhidAz { abhi- dAz } be hostile
अभिधा f. abhidhA naming
अभिधान n. abhidhAna denomination [Com.]
अभिधान n. abhidhAna remark
अभिदशति verb 1 abhidazati { abhi- daMz } bite into
अभिदशति verb 1 abhidazati { abhi- daMz } take a bite of
अभिदधाति verb 3 abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } put on [hat, pot]
अभिदधाति verb 3 abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } propose
अभिधा f. abhidhA sound
आभिधा f. AbhidhA appellation
अभिधा f. abhidhA name
आभिधा f. AbhidhA name
अभिधा f. abhidhA appellation
आभिधा f. AbhidhA word
अभिधा f. abhidhA word
अभिधा m.f. abhidhA surrounding
अभिदष्ट adj. abhidaSTa bitten
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } name
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } cover (a country) with an army
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } tell
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } cover
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } speak to
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } protect
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } address
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } put on or round
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } set forth
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } say
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } saddle a horse
अभिदत्ते verb abhidatte { abhidhA } explain
अभिधान n. abhidhAna lexicon
अभिधान n. abhidhAna speaking
अभिधान n. abhidhAna expression
अभिधान n. abhidhAna speech
अभिधान n. abhidhAna word
अभिधान n. abhidhAna manifesting
अभिधान n. abhidhAna putting together
अभिधान n. abhidhAna name
अभिधान n. abhidhAna vocabulary
अभिधान n. abhidhAna telling
अभिधान n. abhidhAna title
अभिधान n. abhidhAna bringing in close connection
अभिधान n. abhidhAna dictionary
अभिधान n. abhidhAna naming
अभिधान n. abhidhAna appellation
अभिधानी f. abhidhAnI halter
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI dictionary
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI speaking
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI appellation
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI lexicon
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI speech
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI expression
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI manifesting
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI word
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI telling
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI name
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI vocabulary
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI naming
अभिधानी n. abhidhAnI title
अभिधातृ adj. abhidhAtR saying
अभिधातृ adj. abhidhAtR telling
अभिधाय ind. abhidhAya having said
अभिधाय ind. abhidhAya having called
अभिददाति verb abhidadAti { abhidA } give
अभिददाति verb abhidadAti { abhidA } bestow
अभिददृशे verb abhidadRze { abhidRz } look at
अभिदहति verb 1 abhidahati { abhidah } singe
अभिदहति verb 1 abhidahati { abhidah } burn
अभिदापन n. abhidApana being trampled on by elephants as a punishment
अभिदासति verb abhidAsati { abhidAs } consider and treat as an enemy
अभिधर्म m. abhidharma dogmas of Buddhist philosophy
अभिधर्म m. abhidharma dogmas of Buddhist philosophy or metaphysics
अभिदधाति verb abhidadhAti { abhidhA } surrender any one to
अभिदधाति verb abhidadhAti { abhidhA } bring upon
अभिदधाति verb 3 abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } name
अभिदधाति verb 3 abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } place upon
अभिदधाति verb 3 Par abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } mention
अभिदधाति verb 3 Par abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } call
अभिदधाति verb 3 Par abhidadhAti { abhi- dhA } designate
अभिदर्शन adj. abhidarzana becoming visible
अभिदर्शन n. abhidarzana appearance
अभिधमति verb 1 abhidhamati { abhidham } blow towards or against
अभिधामूल adj. abhidhAmUla founded on the literal meaning of a word
अभिधानक n. abhidhAnaka noise
अभिधानक n. abhidhAnaka sound
आभिधानिक adj. AbhidhAnika lexicographical
आभिधानिक adj. AbhidhAnika belonging to or contained in a dictionary
आभिधानिक m. AbhidhAnika lexicographer
अभिधानीय adj. abhidhAnIya to be named
आभिधातक n. AbhidhAtaka word
आभिधातक n. AbhidhAtaka name
अभिधावक adj. abhidhAvaka running up
अभिधावक adj. abhidhAvaka hastening towards
अभिधावक adj. abhidhAvaka assailing
अभिधावक adj. abhidhAvaka an assailant
अभिधावन n. abhidhAvana attack
अभिधावन n. abhidhAvana running up
अभिधावति verb abhidhAvati { abhidhAv } run up towards
अभिधावति verb abhidhAvati { abhidhAv } rush upon
अभिधावति verb abhidhAvati { abhidhAv } attack
अभिधायक adj. abhidhAyaka denominating
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