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अभिगमन n. abhigamana accession [coming to or near]
अभिगमन n. abhigamana sex [act]
अभिगमन-मार्ग m. abhigamana-mArga access [#NAME?]
अभिगमन-स्थान n. abhigamana-sthAna access [#NAME?]
अभिगमन - उपाय n. abhigamana - upAya access [#NAME?]
अभिगमन-साधन n. abhigamana-sAdhana access [means, place or ways by which a thing may be approached]
अभिगमन n. abhigamana act of cleansing and smearing with cow-dung the way leading to the image of the deity
अभिगमन n. abhigamana sexual intercourse
अभिगमन n. abhigamana copulation
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