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अभिगत adj. abhigata approached
अभिघात m. abhighAta attack
अभिघात m. abhighAta warding off
अभिघात m. abhighAta infliction of injury
अभिघात m. abhighAta abrupt or vehement articulation
अभिघात m. abhighAta damage
अभिघात m. abhighAta striking back
अभिघात m. abhighAta striking
अभिघात m. abhighAta driving away
अभिघात n. abhighAta of the second with the first letter
अभिघात n. abhighAta and of the third with the second letter of those classes of consonants
अभिघात n. abhighAta irregular combination of consonants i.e. the combination of the fourth letter of gutturals
अभिघात n. abhighAta cerebrals
अभिघात n. abhighAta with the first or third letter
अभिघातक adj. abhighAtaka counteracting
अभिघातक adj. abhighAtaka removing
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