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अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa conformable to
अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa beautiful
अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa wise
अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa corresponding with
अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa learned
अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa pleasing
अभिरूप adj. abhirUpa handsome
अभिरूप m. abhirUpa moon
आभिरूपक n. AbhirUpaka beauty
आभिरूपक n. AbhirUpaka suitableness
अभिरूपता f. abhirUpatA state of being learned or well educated
अभिरूपवत् adj. abhirUpavat handsome
अभिरूपवत् adj. abhirUpavat beautiful
अभिरूपपति m. abhirUpapati having an agreeable master
अभिरूपपति m. abhirUpapati to secure such a master in the next world
अभिरूपभूयिष्ट adj. abhirUpabhUyiSTa for the most part composed of learned men
अभिरूपप्रजायिनी f. abhirUpaprajAyinI mother of beautiful children
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