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अभिवादन n. abhivAdana welcoming [grandchild]
अभिवादन n. abhivAdana welcome
अभिवादन n. abhivAdana greeting
अभिवादन n. abhivAdana reception
अभिवादन n. abhivAdana salutation
अभिवादन n. abhivAdana handshaking [computer]
अभिवदति verb 1 abhivadati { abhi- vad } address
अभिवदति verb 1 abhivadati { abhi- vad } welcome
अभिवदति verb 1 abhivadati { abhi- vad } greet [guests]
अभिवदति verb 1 abhivadati { abhi- vad } bid welcome
असत्यम् अभिवदति verb 1 asatyam abhivadati { vad } lie to sombody
अभिवाद m. abhivAda reverential salutation
अभिवाद m. abhivAda greeting
अभिवाद m. abhivAda opprobrious or unfriendly speech
अभिवाद m. abhivAda salutation
अभिवाद m. abhivAda abuse
अभिवादिन् adj. abhivAdin telling
अभिवादिन् adj. abhivAdin enunciating
अभिवादिन् adj. abhivAdin describing
अभिवादिन् m. abhivAdin explainer
अभिवादिन् m. abhivAdin interpreter
अभिवाद्य adj. abhivAdya to be respectfully saluted
अभिवादक adj. abhivAdaka a saluter
अभिवादक adj. abhivAdaka saluting
अभिवादक adj. abhivAdaka having the intention to salute
अभिवादक adj. abhivAdaka civil
अभिवादक adj. abhivAdaka polite
अभिवादन n. abhivAdana respectful salutation
अभिवदन n. abhivadana addressing
अभिवदन n. abhivadana salutation
अभिवदति verb abhivadati { abhivad } declare with reference to
अभिवदति verb abhivadati { abhivad } say
अभिवदति verb abhivadati { abhivad } speak
अभिवदति verb abhivadati { abhivad } address or salute with reverence
अभिवादित adj. abhivAdita saluted respectfully
अभिवादनीय adj. abhivAdanIya used for the salutation
अभिवादनीय adj. abhivAdanIya deserving respectful salutation
अभिवादयते verb caus. abhivAdayate { abhivad } salute through another person
अभिवादयते verb caus. abhivAdayate { abhivad } play (on an instrument)
अभिवादयति verb 1caus abhivAdayati { abhi- vad } greet someone
अभिवादयति verb caus. abhivAdayati { abhivad } present one's self to
अभिवादयति verb caus. abhivAdayati { abhi- vad } salute
अभिवादयति verb caus. abhivAdayati { abhivad } address or salute reverently
अभिवादयितृ adj. abhivAdayitR saluting respectfully
अभिवधयति verb abhivadhayati { abhivadh } strike
अभिवादनशील adj. abhivAdanazIla one who habitually salutes
अभिवादनशील adj. abhivAdanazIla respectful
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