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प्रचूषित adj. pracUSita absorbed
संविलीत adj. saMvilIta absorbed [Com.]
अधः व्रजति sent. adhaH vrajati be digested or absorbed into [as food]
निमग्न adj. nimagna absorbed
उपक्षीण adj. upakSINa absorbed
गह्वरित adj. gahvarita absorbed [in one]
समावेशित adj. samAvezita absorbed
उपसंहृत adj. upasaMhRta absorbed
निपीत adj. nipIta absorbed
शोषित adj. zoSita absorbed
एकाग्र adj. ekAgra absorbed in
आसक्तमनस् adj. Asaktamanas absorbed in
एकायन adj. ekAyana absorbed in
हेवाकिन् adj. hevAkin absorbed in
तन्मय adj. tanmaya absorbed in
विलीन adj. vilIna absorbed in
- परायण adj. - parAyaNa absorbed in
आसक्तचेतस् adj. Asaktacetas absorbed in
एकचित्त adj. ekacitta absorbed in
आसक्तचित्त adj. Asaktacitta absorbed in
लीन adj. lIna absorbed in
संयोजयति verb caus. saMyojayati { saMyuj } be absorbed
भर्तृशोकपर adj. bhartRzokapara absorbed in it
समापद्यन n. samApadyana being absorbed
समुपैति verb samupaiti { samupe } be absorbed in
अवगाहते verb avagAhate { avagAh } be absorbed in
अवतिष्ठते verb avatiSThate { avasthA } be absorbed in
सम्पद्यते verb sampadyate { sampad } be absorbed in
गाहते verb gAhate { gAh } be absorbed in
अवगाहते verb 1 avagAhate { ava- gah } be absorbed in
अन्तर्धीयते verb Pass. antardhIyate { antardhA } to be absorbed
सम्प्रलीयते verb sampralIyate { sampralI } become absorbed
योगयुक्त adj. yogayukta absorbed in yoga
योगस्थ adj. yogastha absorbed in Yoga
प्रत्यववमर्शवत् adj. pratyavavamarzavat absorbed in thought
चिन्ताक्रान्त adj. cintAkrAnta absorbed in worries
सचिन्त adj. sacinta absorbed in thought
अभियोगिन् adj. abhiyogin absorbed in attacking
ध्यानस्थ adj. dhyAnastha absorbed in meditation
समाधिभृत् adj. samAdhibhRt absorbed in meditation
ध्यानस्थित adj. dhyAnasthita absorbed in meditation
विहस्त adj. vihasta completely absorbed in
समाधिमत् adj. samAdhimat absorbed in meditation
ध्यायिन् adj. dhyAyin absorbed in meditation
ग्रस्त adj. grasta surrounded or absorbed
समाधिस्थ adj. samAdhistha absorbed in meditation
ध्यानयोगिन् adj. dhyAnayogin absorbed in meditation
योगयुक्ति f. yogayukti being absorbed in yoga
तन्मनस् adj. tanmanas absorbed in mind by that
संनिविष्ट adj. saMniviSTa absorbed or engrossed in
समाधिन् adj. samAdhin absorbed in contemplation
लालस adj. lAlasa delighting or absorbed in
न्यग्भाव m. nyagbhAva being sunk or absorbed in
नेशति verb nezati { niz } be absorbed in meditation
युनक्ति verb yunakti { yuj } be absorbed in meditation
युङ्क्ते verb yuGkte { yuj } be absorbed in meditation
सम्प्रलीन adj. sampralIna absorbed i.e. contained in
समाहितमनस् adj. samAhitamanas having the mind absorbed in
एतत्पर adj. etatpara intent on or absorbed in this
तज्जलान् adj. tajjalAn absorbed and breathing in that
लीन n. lIna being dissolved or absorbed in
शोचति verb zocati { zuc } be absorbed in deep meditation
ब्रह्मभूत adj. brahmabhUta become or be absorbed in brahma
युक्त adj. yukta absorbed in abstract meditation
अवस्थापयति verb caus. avasthApayati { avasthA } cause to enter or be absorbed in
ब्रह्मसत्त्रिन् adj. brahmasattrin absorbed in the self-existent One
युयुक्षति verb Desid. yuyukSati { yuj } wish to be absorbed in meditation
सर्वसाद adj. sarvasAda that wherein everything is absorbed
प्रसङ्ख्यानपर adj. prasaGkhyAnapara engrossed or absorbed in meditation
विलापयति verb caus. vilApayati { vilI } cause to be dissolved or absorbed in
विलाययति verb caus. vilAyayati { vilI } cause to be dissolved or absorbed in
विलीनयति verb caus. vilInayati { vilI } cause to be dissolved or absorbed in
विलालयति verb caus. vilAlayati { vilI } cause to be dissolved or absorbed in
विद्यामय adj. vidyAmaya consisting of or absorbed in knowledge
निधीयते verb pass. nidhIyate { nidhA } be contained or situated or absorbed in
तन्मयता f. tanmayatA being absorbed in or identical with that
वैयग्र n. vaiyagra being totally absorbed or wholly engaged
योगशायिन् adj. yogazAyin half asleep and half absorbed in meditation
योगारूढ adj. yogArUDha absorbed in profound or abstract meditation
अमातापुत्राध्यापक adj. amAtAputrAdhyApaka teacher who cares for neither mother nor son [on account of being entirely absorbed in his work]
शोषणीय adj. zoSaNIya to be dried or sucked up or drained or absorbed
प्रतिसञ्चर m. pratisaJcara that into which anything is re-absorbed or resolved
प्रतिसञ्चर m. pratisaJcara that into which anything is re-absorbed or resolved
ब्रह्मनिष्ठ adj. brahmaniSTha absorbed in contemplating brahma or the one self Spirit
प्रविशते verb pravizate { praviz } enter into i.e. be absorbed or thrown into the shade by
प्रविशति verb pravizati { praviz } enter into i.e. be absorbed or thrown into the shade by
सुसमाहित adj. susamAhita having the mind intently fixed or absorbed on a subject or object
वैषयिक m. vaiSayika one addicted to the pleasures of sense or absorbed in worldly objects
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