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उपस्थिति f. upasthiti accession [to a treaty]
अभिवृद्धि f. abhivRddhi accession [increase by something added]
योग m. yoga accession
सम्मिलन m. sammilana accession [Pol.: joining]
उपगम m. upagama accession
उपागमन n. upAgamana accession [approach]
संमिलन n. saMmilana accession [acceding and becoming joined, as to confederacy]
सिंहासनारोहण n. siMhAsanArohaNa accession [reaching a throne etc.]
अभिगमन n. abhigamana accession [coming to or near]
सहमिलन n. sahamilana accession [international law]
भाग्ययोग m. bhAgyayoga accession of good luck
सन्धान-सम्मिलन n. sandhAna-sammilana accession to a federation [Pol.]
उपनिपात m. upanipAta accession
अनागति f. anAgati non-accession
अनागति f. anAgati non-accession
धनागम m. dhanAgama accession of wealth
रसाभिनिवेश m. rasAbhiniveza accession of sentiment
प्रतिष्ठा f. pratiSThA establishment on or accession to
वसुसम्पत्ति f. vasusampatti accession or acquisition of wealth
अनागम adj. anAgama not constituting an accession to previous property
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