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यथालाभम् adverb yathAlAbham accidentally
दैवतस् adverb daivatas accidentally
संगत्या adverb ins saMgatyA accidentally
देवयोगेम adverb devayogema accidentally
यदृच्छया adverb yadRcchayA accidentally
यदृच्छतस् ind. yadRcchatas accidentally
दैवयोगात् ind. daivayogAt accidentally
दैवयोगेन ind. daivayogena accidentally
निरपेक्षम् ind. nirapekSam accidentally
अकस्मात् indecl. akasmAt accidentally [unexpectedly]
अनकस्मात् ind. anakasmAt not accidentally
आगन्तुज adj. Agantuja arising accidentally
सङ्गति f. saGgati meeting or coming to pass accidentally
कामग m. kAmaga one who comes accidentally or unexpectedly
पञ्चसूना f. paJcasUnA 5 things in a house by which animal life may be accidentally destroyed
सूना f. sUnA any place or utensil in a house where animals are liable to be accidentally destroyed
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