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कोशस्थ adj. kozastha accompanying
आवेष्टित adj. ppp. AveSTita accompanying
अन्तर्गत adj. ppp. antargata accompanying
समभिव्याहारिन् adj. samabhivyAhArin accompanying
पार्श्वगत adj. pArzvagata accompanying
सहचर adj. sahacara accompanying
समीपग adj. samIpaga accompanying
सहचरत् adj. sahacarat accompanying
पार्श्वग adj. pArzvaga accompanying
सयावन् adj. sayAvan accompanying
अभिषच् adj. abhiSac accompanying
साचि adj. sAci accompanying
पुरस्कार m. puraskAra accompanying
सम्यग्गमन n. samyaggamana accompanying
पार्श्वगमन n. pArzvagamana accompanying
उपगान n. upagAna accompanying song
श्रवणस् adj. zravaNas accompanying a song
अनुसञ्चर adj. anusaJcara following or accompanying
नग्न m. nagna bard accompanying an army
उपाय m. upAya joining in or accompanying
सहगमन n. sahagamana going with or accompanying
कच्छपिका f. kacchapikA wart accompanying gonorrhoea
अनुस्वार m. anusvAra accompanying sound or letter M
परियज्ञ m. pariyajJa secondary or accompanying rite
सहार्थ m. sahArtha accompanying or accessory matter
परियजति verb pariyajati { pariyaj } perform a secondary or accompanying rite
ऋभु m. Rbhu they appear generally as accompanying indra
विनता f. vinatA abscess on the back or abdomen accompanying diabetes
उपपद n. upapada word standing near or accompanying another to which it is subordinate
पिण्डी f. piNDI performance of certain gesticulations accompanying the silent repetition of prayers in meditation on real or divine knowledge
दृग्गोल m. dRggola small circle on the axis of the earth within the greater circles of the armillary sphere and accompanying each planetary circle