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प्राप्ति f. prApti acquisition
सङ्ग्रहण n. saGgrahaNa acquisition
वित्त n. vitta acquisition
क्रयण n. krayaNa acquisition
क्रीणन n. krINana acquisition
विज्ञानप्राप्ति f. vijJAnaprApti knowledge acquisition [computer]
विज्ञानग्रहण n. vijJAnagrahaNa knowledge acquisition [computer]
नागरिकता अवाप्ति f. nAgarikatA avApti acquisition of citizenship
जानपदता- अवाप्ति f. jAnapadatA- avApti acquisition of citizenship
आप्ति f. Apti acquisition
सनिति f. saniti acquisition
विवित्ति f. vivitti acquisition
उपशिक्षा f. upazikSA acquisition
सम्प्राप्राप्ति f. samprAprApti acquisition
परिप्राप्ति f. pariprApti acquisition
साति f. sAti acquisition
व्याप्ति f. vyApti acquisition
सम्पद् f. sampad acquisition
लब्धि f. labdhi acquisition
पर्याप्ति f. paryApti acquisition
प्रयुज् f. prayuj acquisition
प्रसक्ति f. prasakti acquisition
नीति f. nIti acquisition
संविद् f. saMvid acquisition
आप्ति f. Apti acquisition
वित्ति f. vitti acquisition
सम्पत्ति f. sampatti acquisition
अधिगम m. adhigama acquisition
भव m. bhava acquisition
वेद m. veda acquisition
आय m. Aya acquisition
नंश m. naMza acquisition
प्रसव m. prasava acquisition
अभिलम्भ m. abhilambha acquisition
भव m. bhava acquisition
लाभ m. lAbha acquisition
योग m. yoga acquisition
उपयोग m. upayoga acquisition
परिग्रह m. parigraha acquisition
सन m. sana acquisition
सनि m.f. sani acquisition
वित्त n. vitta acquisition
राधन n. rAdhana acquisition
परिवेदन n. parivedana acquisition
अधिगमन n. adhigamana acquisition
प्रापण n. prApaNa acquisition
साधन n. sAdhana acquisition
अर्जन n. arjana acquisition
संसनन n. saMsanana acquisition
सामन् n. sAman acquisition
पुष्ट n. puSTa acquisition
अप्राप्ति f. aprApti non-acquisition
अप्राप्ति f. aprApti non-acquisition
प्राप्ति f. prApti act of acquisition
आगम m. Agama lawful acquisition
क्षेत्रजेष m. kSetrajeSa acquisition of land
क्षैत्रजित्य n. kSaitrajitya acquisition of land
समाप्ति f. samApti complete acquisition
आय m. Aya acquisition of money
अर्थसिद्धि f. arthasiddhi acquisition of wealth
धनसाति f. dhanasAti acquisition of wealth
धनाप्ति f. dhanApti acquisition of wealth
अर्थप्राप्ति f. arthaprApti acquisition of wealth
अर्थलाभ m. arthalAbha acquisition of wealth
वित्तागम m. vittAgama acquisition of wealth
अर्थागम m. arthAgama acquisition of wealth
भोगलाभ m. bhogalAbha acquisition of profit
मात्रालाभ m. mAtrAlAbha acquisition of wealth
विजिति f. vijiti gain or acquisition of
विद्याग्रहण n. vidyAgrahaNa acquisition of science
वेदाप्ति f. vedApti acquisition of the Veda
सुहृत्प्राप्ति f. suhRtprApti acquisition of a friend
विद्यालाभ m. vidyAlAbha acquisition of learning
अर्थार्जन n. arthArjana acquisition of property
तोकसाति f. tokasAti acquisition of offspring
विद्योपार्जना f. vidyopArjanA acquisition of knowledge
आगम m. Agama acquisition of knowledge
विद्याधिगम m. vidyAdhigama acquisition of knowledge
विद्योपार्जन n. vidyopArjana acquisition of knowledge
समुपार्जन n. samupArjana simultaneous acquisition
वेदविद्याधिगम m. vedavidyAdhigama acquisition of Vedic lore
विद्योपयोग m. vidyopayoga acquisition of learning from
क्षेत्रसाति f. kSetrasAti acquisition of fields or land
लब्धप्रशमन n. labdhaprazamana keeping acquisitions in safety
विद्याप्राप्ति f. vidyAprApti any acquisition made by learning
वेदसमाप्ति f. vedasamApti complete acquisition of the veda
आत्मलाभ m. AtmalAbha acquisition of the supreme spirit
धनार्जन n. dhanArjana acquisition of wealth or property
वसुसम्पत्ति f. vasusampatti accession or acquisition of wealth
पुरोजिति f. purojiti previous possession or acquisition
समृद्धिवृद्धिलाभ m. samRddhivRddhilAbha acquisition of increase of prosperity
अनभ्रवृष्टि f. anabhravRSTi any unexpected acquisition or advantage
ज्ञानयोग m. jJAnayoga yoga as based on the acquisition of true knowledge
निर्योगक्षेम adj. niryogakSema free from care or anxiety about acquisition or possession
लब्धप्रशमनस्वस्थ adj. labdhaprazamanasvastha at ease by the securing or secure possession of acquisitions
पद्मरेखा f. padmarekhA line in the palm of the hand indicating the acquisition of great wealth
सिद्धि f. siddhi acquisition of supernatural powers by magical means or the supposed faculty so acquired
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