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व्यवहित adj. vyavahita acted
चरित ppp. carita acted on
अनुकार्य adj. anukArya to be acted
हार्य adj. hArya to be acted
बुद्धिकृत adj. buddhikRta acted wisely
बाध्यते verb pass. bAdhyate { bAdh } be acted upon
सुप्रयोग adj. suprayoga easy to be acted
संविधातव्य n. saMvidhAtavya it is to be acted
दुरनुष्ठित adj. duranuSThita badly done or acted
कुकृत adj. kukRta one who has acted badly
निकर्तव्य adj. nikartavya be acted badly or basely
वृत्त adj. vRtta acted or behaved towards
प्रयुक्त adj. prayukta behaved or acted towards
वर्त्तव्य n. varttavya it should be acted or behaved
विचरणीय adj. vicaraNIya it is to be acted or proceeded
अभिपन्न adj. abhipanna one who has acted wrongly towards
आचरितव्य adj. Acaritavya to be acted in a customary manner
स्थेय n. stheya to be behaved or acted or proceeded
हेलितव्य n. helitavya it is to be acted carelessly or frivolously
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