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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
ऋषभ ईकाधिक adj. RSabha IkAdhika having one bull added
उपजात adj. upajAta added
स्वरित adj. svarita added
समाहित adj. samAhita added
आहित adj. Ahita added
सङ्कलित adj. saGkalita added
उपस्कृत adj. upaskRta added
पिण्डित adj. piNDita added
समीकृत adj. samIkRta added
युत adj. yuta added
संयुत adj. saMyuta added to
युक्त adj. yukta added to
अयुक्त adj. ayukta not added
अन्वायात्य adj. anvAyAtya to be added
क्षेप्य adj. kSepya to be added
उर्वरी f. urvarI super-added
उर्वरी f. urvarI super-added
सैक adj. saika added to one
उपसमाधाय ind. upasamAdhAya having added
उपसन्धाय ind. upasandhAya having added
उपसृज्य ind. upasRjya having added
योज्य adj. yojya to be added to
अप्रयुज्यमान adj. aprayujyamAna not being added
खैलिक adj. khailika added afterwards
आहित adj. Ahita one who has added
युति f. yuti number to be added
उपजायते verb upajAyate { upajan } be added or put to
समास्कन्न adj. samAskanna attached or added to
सम्प्रयुज्यते verb pass. samprayujyate { samprayuj } be added or attached
सपाद adj. sapAda added with one fourth
अनार्ष adj. anArSa not added to his name
उपाती verb upAtI be added as a surplus
समासार्ध adj. samAsArdha with a half-month added
गोजीर adj. gojIra stimulated by milk added
दत्ताक्षर adj. dattAkSara having one syllable added
आगन्तु adj. Agantu anything added or adhering
आगन्तुक adj. Agantuka anything added or adhering
तर tara added to adverbs and to verbs
सद्रोण adj. sadroNa with a droNa added to a droNa
अधिशय m. adhizaya anything added or given extra
उपकरण n. upakaraNa anything added over and above
सन्धातव्य adj. sandhAtavya to be joined together or added
तूषाधान n. tUSAdhAna place where the border is added
अग्रान्त n agrAnta product added to the ultimate term
श्री zrI Added before a name to show respect
सदशबन्धक adj. sadazabandhaka that to which a tenth part is added
सविंस adj. saviMsa that to which one-twentieth is added
पदानुषङ्ग m. padAnuSaGga anything added or appended to a pada
उपजन m. upajana letters or syllables or affixes added
उपसङ्ख्येय adj. upasaGkhyeya to be added or enumerated in addition to
च्युतदत्ताक्षर adj. cyutadattAkSara where a syllable has been dropped or added
सम्पात m. sampAta anything thrown in or added as an ingredient
इद् indecl. id expression of excess or exclusion when added words [e.g. vizva it = everyone indeed]
आहितसमित्क adj. Ahitasamitka one who has added fuel to the fire or who keeps up a fire
प्रक्षेप m. prakSepa anything added or thrown into drugs while in course of decoction
तद्रज m. tadraja affix added to the name of a race for forming the N. of its chief
उपाधि m. upAdhi qualifying term added to a too general middle term to prevent ativyApti
क्षिप्तिका f. kSiptikA quantity to be added to the square of the least root multiplied by the multiplicator
तराम् tarAm added in older language to adverbs and in later language to verbs to intensify their meaning [suffix - Gramm.]
तम adj. tama added (in older language) to adverbs and (in later language) to verbs , intensifying their meaning
कुट्ट m. kuTTa multiplier such that a given dividend being multiplied by it and a given quantity added to the product
कनिष्ठपद n. kaniSThapada least root (that quantity of which the square multiplied by the given multiplicator and having the given addend added or subtrahend subtracted is capable of affording an exact square root)