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अद्धा ind. addhA in this way
अद्धा ind. addhA manifestly
अद्धा ind. addhA certainly
अद्धा ind. addhA truly
अड्डन n. aDDana shield
अड्डति verb aDDati argue
अड्डति verb aDDati mediate
अड्डति verb aDDati discern
अड्डति verb aDDati join
अड्डति verb aDDati attack
अड्डति verb aDDati infer
अद्धाति m. addhAti sage
अद्धातम adj. addhAtama quite manifest
अद्धातमाम् ind. addhAtamAm most certainly
अद्धाबोधेय m. addhAbodheya adherents of a particular zAkhA or recension of the white yajur-veda
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