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अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa not experienced
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unforeseen
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unseen
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unobserved
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unknown
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unsanctioned
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa invisible
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa not seen
अदृष्ट adj. adRSTa unexpected
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa bad luck
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa fate [luck]
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa luck [good or bad]
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa unforeseen danger or calamity
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa unforeseen danger
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa that which is beyond the reach of observation or consciousness
अदृष्ट n. adRSTa destiny [good or bad]
अधृष्ट adj. adhRSTa not bold
आधृष्ट adj. AdhRSTa checked
अधृष्ट adj. adhRSTa modest
आधृष्ट adj. AdhRSTa overcome
अधृष्ट adj. adhRSTa not overcome
अधृष्ट adj. adhRSTa invincible
अधृष्ट adj. adhRSTa irresistible
अदृष्टज adj. adRSTaja produced or resulting from fate
अदृष्टहन् m. adRSTahan destroyer of venomous vermin
अदृष्टवत् adj. adRSTavat connected with or arising from destiny
अदृष्टवत् adj. adRSTavat lucky or unlucky
अदृष्टवत् adj. adRSTavat fortunate
अदृष्टबल n. adRSTabala unknown power
अदृष्टकाम m. adRSTakAma passionate attachment to an object that has never been seen
अदृष्टनर m. adRSTanara treaty concluded by the parties personally
अदृष्टार्थ adj. adRSTArtha having an object not evident to the senses
अदृष्टार्थ adj. adRSTArtha transcendental
अदृष्टरुप adj. adRSTarupa having an invisible shape
अदृष्टबलात् ablativ adRSTabalAt by an unknown power
अदृष्टफल adj. adRSTaphala having consequences that are not yet visible
अदृष्टफल n. adRSTaphala result or consequence which is not yet visible or hidden in the future
अदृष्टपुर्व adj. adRSTapurva never seen before
अदृष्टपूर्व adj. adRSTapUrva never seen before
अदृष्टपूर्व adj. adRSTapUrva previously unseen
अदृष्टकर्मन् adj. adRSTakarman one who has not seen practice
अदृष्टपुरुष m. adRSTapuruSa treaty concluded by the parties personally
अदृष्टपरसामर्थ्य m. adRSTaparasAmarthya one who has not experienced the power of an enemy
अदृष्टास्रुतपूर्वत्व n. adRSTAsrutapUrvatva state of never having been seen or heard before
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