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अधिरोह adj. adhiroha riding
अधिरोह adj. adhiroha mounted
अधिरोह m. adhiroha mounting
अधिरोह m. adhiroha overtopping
अधिरोह m. adhiroha ascent
अधिरोहण n. adhirohaNa act of ascending or mounting or rising above
अधिरोहणी f. adhirohaNI ladder
अधिरोहणी f. adhirohaNI flight of steps
अधिरोहति verb adhirohati rise above
अधिरोहति verb adhirohati ascend up
अधिरोहति verb 1 adhirohati { adhi- ruh } ascend
अधिरोहति verb 1 adhirohati { adhi- ruh } mount [horse]
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