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अधिवास-परिवर्तन n. adhivAsa-parivartana change of domicile
अधिवास m. adhivAsa neighbour
अधिवास m. adhivAsa sitting before a person's house without taking food till he ceases to oppose or refuse a demand
अधिवास m. adhivAsa one who dwells above
अधिवास m. adhivAsa perfume
अधिवास m. adhivAsa pertinacity
अधिवास m. adhivAsa habitation
अधिवास m. adhivAsa sitting in obstinately
अधिवास m. adhivAsa fragrance
अधिवास m. adhivAsa settlement
अधिवास m. adhivAsa residence
अधिवास m. adhivAsa application of perfumes or fragrant cosmetics
अधिवास m. adhivAsa inhabitant
अधिवास m. adhivAsa dwelling
अधिवास m. adhivAsa site
अधिवास m. adhivAsa abode
अधीवासस् ind. adhIvAsas over the garment
अधीवासस् m. adhIvAsas upper garment
अधीवासस् m. adhIvAsas mantle
अधिवासना f. adhivAsanA obedience
अधिवासना f. adhivAsanA compliance
अधिवासन n. adhivAsana causing a divinity to dwell in an image
अधिवासन n. adhivAsana sitting in dharna
अधिवासन n. adhivAsana application of perfumes
अधिवासन n. adhivAsana ceremony of touching a vessel containing fragrant objects
अधिवासन n. adhivAsana preliminary purification of an image
अधिवसति f. adhivasati dwelling
अधिवसति f. adhivasati habitation
अधिवसति verb 1 adhivasati { adhi- vas } live
अधिवसति verb 1 Par adhivasati { adhi- vas } sit upon
अधिवासनीय adj. adhivAsanIya to be consecrated
अधिवासयति verb adhivAsayati make fragrant
अधिवासयति verb caus. adhivAsayati accept [invitation]
अधिवासभूमि f. adhivAsabhUmi settlement
अधिवासभूमि f. adhivAsabhUmi dwelling-place
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