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अध्याय m. adhyAya chapter [in a book]
अद्ययावत् indecl. adyayAvat up to date
अध्ययनागार n. adhyayanAgAra workroom
अध्ययनागार n. adhyayanAgAra study [room]
अध्ययनं करोति verb 8 adhyayanaM karoti { kR } study
अध्याय m. adhyAya reader
अध्याय m. adhyAya lecture
अध्याय m. adhyAya lesson
अध्याय m. adhyAya reading
अध्याय m. adhyAya proper time for reading or for a lesson
अध्ययन n. adhyayana recitation
अध्ययन n. adhyayana reading
अध्ययन n. adhyayana going over
अध्ययन n. adhyayana repetition
अध्ययन n. adhyayana study
अध्ययन n. adhyayana Vedas
अध्ययन n. adhyayana education
अध्ययन n. adhyayana studying
अध्ययन n. adhyayana learning
आध्यायति verb AdhyAyati { Adhyai } meditate on
आध्यायति verb AdhyAyati { Adhyai } wish or pray for anything for another
अद्ययज्ञ m. adyayajJa to-day's sacrifice
अध्ययनीय adj. adhyayanIya fit to be read or studied
अध्ययनपुण्य n. adhyayanapuNya religious merit acquired by studying
अध्ययनतपसी n. adhyayanatapasI study and penance
अध्यायशतपाठ m. adhyAyazatapATha Index of One Hundred Chapters
अध्ययनसंवृत्ति f. adhyayanasaMvRtti community of occupation in reciting
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