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सम्प्रदातव्य adj. sampradAtavya administer
समधितिष्ठते verb samadhitiSThate { samadhiSThA } administer
समधितिष्ठति verb samadhitiSThati { samadhiSThA } administer
समधितिष्ठति verb 1 samadhitiSThati { samadhi- sthA } administer
वाहयति verb caus. vAhayati { vah } administer
वाहित adj. vAhita administered
प्रवर्तित adj. pravartita administered
प्रशासित adj. prazAsita administered
अधिकृत adj. adhikRta administered
शास्ति verb zAsti { zAs } administer the laws
दण्डधारक adj. daNDadhAraka administering justice
परानसा f. parAnasA administering remedies
मानुषी f. mAnuSI administering of drugs
अवसेक m. avaseka administering a clyster
अनुवास m. anuvAsa administering oily enemata
भैषज्य n. bhaiSajya administering of medicines
दुर्धर adj. durdhara difficult to be administered
विषप्रयोग m. viSaprayoga administering poison as a medicine
अनुवासित adj. anuvAsita prepared or administered as an enema
शापित adj. zApita one to whom an oath has been administered
विषविधान n. viSavidhAna administering poison judicially or by way of or deal
गङ्गाजल n. gaGgAjala holy water by which it is customary to administer oaths
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