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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अभिस्वीकृत adj. ppp abhisvIkRta adopted [taken as one`s own]
अभिगृहीत adj. ppp. abhigRhIta adopted [take as one`s own]
पोष्यपुत्रक m. poSyaputraka adopted son
कृत्रिमपुत्र m. kRtrimaputra adopted son
कृतक m. kRtaka adopted son
दत्तक m. dattaka adopted son
दत्रिम सुत m. datrima suta adopted son
अभिगृहीत जानपद m. abhigRhIta jAnapada adopted citizen
करणीसुता f. karaNIsutA adopted daughter
कृतिका adj. f. kRtikA adopted as daughter
उररीकृत adj. urarIkRta adopted
प्रवृत adj. pravRta adopted
कृतक adj. kRtaka adopted
स्वयङ्कृत adj. svayaGkRta adopted
परिगृहीत adj. parigRhIta adopted
कृत्रिम adj. kRtrima adopted
अनौरस m. anaurasa adopted
अन्यबीजज m. anyabIjaja adopted son
कृत्रिम m. kRtrima adopted son
सहसादृष्ट m. sahasAdRSTa adopted son
अन्यबीजसमुद्भव m. anyabIjasamudbhava adopted son
अन्यबीजोत्पन्न m. anyabIjotpanna adopted son
पोष्यपुत्र m. poSyaputra adopted son
धर्मपुत्रक m. dharmaputraka adopted son
पुत्रकृत् m.f. putrakRt adopted child
पुत्रीकृत adj. putrIkRta adopted as son
पुत्रीकृत adj. putrIkRta adopted as a son
करणी f. karaNI adopted daughter
पुत्रकृतक adj. putrakRtaka adopted as a child
कक्षीकर्तव्य adj. kakSIkartavya to be adopted or admitted
आस्थेय adj. Astheya to be acknowledged or adopted
अभिवान्यवत्सा f. abhivAnyavatsA cow who suckles an adopted calf
अभिवान्या f. abhivAnyA cow who suckles an adopted calf
अपिवान्यवत्सा f. apivAnyavatsA cow who suckles an adopted calf
निवान्य f. nivAnya cow that suckles an adopted calf
निवान्यवत्सा f. nivAnyavatsA cow that suckles an adopted calf
पुत्रिकापूर्वपुत्र m. putrikApUrvaputra son of a daughter adopted before
प्रतितन्त्रसिद्धान्त m. pratitantrasiddhAnta doctrine adopted in various systems
गृह्य adj. gRhya to be adopted or trusted or relied on
प्रतिनियत adj. pratiniyata fixed or adopted for each single case
काण्डपृष्ठ m. kANDapRSTha adopted or any other than a natural son
पौत्रिकेयवत् adj. pautrikeyavat having a grandson by an adopted daughter
कुदृष्टिन् adj. kudRSTin one who has adopted a heterodox doctrine
पार्वतीधर्मपुत्रक m. pArvatIdharmaputraka adopted son of pArvatI, name of parazurAma
मौदक n. maudaka particular version of a sacred text adopted by mauda
पौत्रिकेय m. pautrikeya son of a daughter adopted to raise issue for her father
द्व्यामुष्यायण m. dvyAmuSyAyaNa boy who remains heir to his father though adopted by another
द्व्यामुष्यायणक m. dvyAmuSyAyaNaka boy who remains heir to his father though adopted by another
अपविद्धपुत्र m. apaviddhaputra son rejected by his natural parents and adopted by a stranger
क्षपणीभूत adj. kSapaNIbhUta one who has adopted the habit or appearance of a religious mendicant
अपुत्रिक m. aputrika father of a daughter not fit to be adopted as a son because of her not having any male offspring