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परदारोपसेवन f.n. paradAropasevana adultery
परदाराभिमर्श m. paradArAbhimarza adultery
परदार m. paradAra adultery
परदाराभिगमन n. paradArAbhigamana adultery
स्त्रीसंग्रहण n. strIsaMgrahaNa adultery
औपपत्य n. aupapatya adultery
परकलत्राभिगमन n. parakalatrAbhigamana adultery
पारदार्य n. pAradArya adultery
साहस n. sAhasa adultery
परकलत्र n. parakalatra adultery
सङ्ग्रहण n. saGgrahaNa adultery
पारतल्पिक n. pAratalpika adultery
व्यभिचारकृत् adj. vyabhicArakRt committing adultery
क्षारणा f. kSAraNA accusing of adultery
व्युचरते verb vyucarate { vyuccar } commit adultery with
व्युचरति verb vyucarati { vyuccar } commit adultery with
विप्लुत adj. vipluta committing adultery with
व्यभिचारार्थम् ind. vyabhicArArtham for the sake of adultery
गुर्वङ्गनागम m. gurvaGganAgama adultery with a teacher's wife
कुण्डकीट m. kuNDakITa son of a Brahman woman born in adultery with a man of an inferior caste
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