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अद्वैत adj. advaita unique
अद्वैत adj. advaita epithet of viSNu
अद्वैत adj. advaita sole
अद्वैत adj. advaita peerless
अद्वैत adj. advaita having no duplicate
अद्वैत adj. advaita destitute of duality
अद्वैत m. n. advaita non-duality
अद्वैत n. advaita title of an upaniSad
अद्वैत n. advaita identity of brahmA or of the paramAtman or supreme soul with the jIvAtman or human soul
अद्वैत n. advaita identity of spirit and matter
अद्वैत n. advaita ultimate truth
अद्वैत n. advaita unity
अद्वैतवदिन् m. advaitavadin name of buddha
अद्वैतवादिन् m. advaitavAdin one who asserts the doctrine of non-duality
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