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पीनस m. pInasa cold affecting the nose
स्पर्शन adj. sparzana affecting
उपरञ्जक adj. uparaJjaka affecting
उपराग m. uparAga affecting
वेधन n. vedhana affecting with
भग्ननेत्र adj. bhagnanetra affecting the eyes
उद्दीपन adj. uddIpana affecting violently
आल adj. Ala disease affecting wheat
उपस्पृश् f. upaspRz touching or affecting verse
गृध्रसी f. gRdhrasI rheumatism affecting the loins
अधियज्ञ m. adhiyajJa influence or agency affecting a sacrifice
अतिदेश m. atideza such a rule as affecting the form of a word
श्लीष्ट adj. zlISTa adhering to one's self i.e. not affecting others
परिवृत्ति f. parivRtti substitution of one word for another without affecting the sense
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