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ऐन्द्रजालिक adj. aindrajAlika magic
ऐन्द्र adj. aindra coming or proceeding from indra
ऐन्द्र adj. aindra similar to indra
ऐन्द्र adj. aindra belonging to or sacred to indra
ऐन्द्र m. aindra misfortune
ऐन्द्र m. aindra eighth day in the second half of the month mArgazIrSa
ऐन्द्र m. aindra indra's energy
ऐन्द्र m. aindra that part of a sacrifice which is offered to indra
ऐन्द्र m. aindra species of cucumber
ऐन्द्र m. aindra indra's quarter
ऐन्द्र m. aindra Cardamom
ऐन्द्र m. aindra east
ऐन्द्र n. aindra lunar mansion jyeSThA
ऐन्द्र n. aindra wild ginger
ऐन्द्राग्न adj. aindrAgna sacred or belonging to or coming from indra and god of fire
ऐन्द्राग्न n. aindrAgna nakSatra vizAkhA
ऐन्द्रादृश adj. aindrAdRza made of indrAdRza or the cochineal insect
ऐन्द्रहव adj. aindrahava belonging to aindrahavya
ऐन्द्रजाल n. aindrajAla magic
ऐन्द्रजाल n. aindrajAla sorcery
ऐन्द्रालिश adj. aindrAliza made of indrAliza or the cochineal insect
ऐन्द्रनील adj. aindranIla made of sapphire
ऐन्द्रशिर m. aindrazira species of elephant
ऐन्द्रायुध adj. aindrAyudha made of or relating to indra's rainbow
ऐन्द्रद्युम्न adj. aindradyumna relating to or treating of indradyumna
ऐन्द्राजागत adj. aindrAjAgata addressed to indra and composed in the jagatI metre
ऐन्द्रजालिक adj. aindrajAlika familiar with or relating to magic
ऐन्द्रजालिक adj. aindrajAlika magical
ऐन्द्रजालिक m. aindrajAlika juggler
ऐन्द्रजालिक m. aindrajAlika magician
ऐन्द्रमहिक adj. aindramahika serving for an indra-maha festival on
ऐन्द्रमारुत adj. aindramAruta relating to indra and the maruts
ऐन्द्रामारुत adj. aindrAmAruta belonging to indra and the maruts
ऐन्द्रापौष्ण adj. aindrApauSNa belonging to indra and pUSan
ऐन्द्रार्भव adj. aindrArbhava relating to indra and the Rbhus
ऐन्द्रावरुण adj. aindrAvaruNa relating to indra and god of water
ऐन्द्रावसान adj. aindrAvasAna inhabiting a desert
ऐन्द्रवायव adj. aindravAyava belonging or relating to indra and god of wind
ऐन्द्रायणक adj. aindrAyaNaka belonging or relating to aindrAyaNa
ऐन्द्रलुप्तिक adj. aindraluptika afflicted with morbid baldness of the head
ऐन्द्रानैरृत adj. aindrAnairRta belonging to indra and nirRti
ऐन्द्रावैष्णव adj. aindrAvaiSNava relating to indra and viSNu
ऐन्द्राग्नकुलाय m. aindrAgnakulAya particular ekAha
ऐन्द्राबार्हस्पत्य adj. aindrAbArhaspatya belonging to indra and bRhaspati
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