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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अनुमन्यते verb pass. anumanyate is allowed
दर्शनाय लभते darzanAya labhate he is allowed to see
समनुज्ञान adj. samanujJAna allowed
अभिमत adj. abhimata allowed
निसृष्ट adj. nisRSTa allowed
अनुमत adj. anumata allowed
सुत adj. suta allowed
सम्मत adj. sammata allowed
अर्ह adj. arha allowed
अनुज्ञात ppp. anujJAta allowed
उपगत ppp. upagata allowed
अभ्यनुज्ञात adj. abhyanujJAta allowed to
अर्हत् adj. arhat allowed to
अभिसृष्ट adj. abhisRSTa allowed to
अप्रसूत adj. aprasUta not allowed
अनतिसृष्ट adj. anatisRSTa not allowed
अनादिष्ट adj. anAdiSTa not allowed
अनिसृष्ट adj. anisRSTa not allowed
समतिसृष्ट adj. samatisRSTa allowed to go
उपादेय adj. upAdeya to be allowed
लभ्य adj. labhya to be allowed to
अनुज्ञात adj. anujJAta allowed to depart
अभ्यनुज्ञात adj. abhyanujJAta allowed to depart
प्रत्यभ्यनुज्ञात adj. pratyabhyanujJAta allowed to depart
समनुज्ञात adj. samanujJAta allowed to go away
उपात्त adj. upAtta allowed in argument
ग्राम्य adj. grAmya allowed in a village
विसृष्ट adj. visRSTa allowed to flow or run
लभ्यते verb pass. labhyate { labh } be allowed or permitted
दुरनुज्ञात adj. duranujJAta badly allowed or granted
अभ्यासादयितव्य adj. abhyAsAdayitavya to be allowed to approach
भुक्तिवर्जित adj. bhuktivarjita not allowed to be enjoyed
अर्हति verb 1 arhati { arh } be allowed to do anything
अनुज्ञाप्य adj. anujJApya to be allowed or permitted
अपपात्र adj. apapAtra not allowed to use vessels
प्रवर्तित adj. pravartita allowed to take its course
लभते verb labhate { labh } be permitted or allowed to
भक्ष्याभक्ष्य n. bhakSyAbhakSya food allowed and prohibited
प्राप्तानुज्ञ adj. prAptAnujJa allowed to withdraw or depart
अजामि n. ajAmi not allowed between relations
प्रचारित adj. pracArita allowed to wander or roam about
प्रवेष्टव्य adj. praveSTavya to be caused or allowed to enter
गुरुप्रसूत adj. guruprasUta allowed by one's elder relations
प्रेहिकटा f. prehikaTA rite in which no mats are allowed
सम्प्रवेशित adj. sampravezita made or allowed to enter or return
याजनीय adj. yAjanIya to be made or allowed to sacrifice
संयाज्य adj. saMyAjya to be made or allowed to sacrifice
याज्य adj. yAjya to be made or allowed to sacrifice
अमेध्य adj. amedhya not able or not allowed to sacrifice
इट्चर m. iTcara bull or steer allowed to go at liberty
इत्वर m. itvara bull or steer allowed to go at liberty
अभोज्य adj. abhojya one whose food is not allowed to be eaten
अभोज्यान्न adj. abhojyAnna one whose food is not allowed to be eaten
अनादेशकर adj. anAdezakara doing what is not commanded or not allowed
असंयाज्य adj. asaMyAjya one with whom nobody is allowed to sacrifice
प्रेहिकर्दमा f. prehikardamA rite in which no impurity of any kind is allowed
गोबलीवर्दन्यायेन ind. gobalIvardanyAyena an expression to denote when a pleonasm is allowed
शेष m.n. zeSa that which is saved or spared or allowed to escape
अहुताद् adj. ahutAd not eating or not allowed to partake of a sacrifice
पञ्चपञ्चनख m. paJcapaJcanakha species of 5 animals allowed to be killed and eaten
प्रेहिवणिजा f. prehivaNijA rite at which no merchants are allowed to be present
अनुमतकर्मकारिन् adj. anumatakarmakArin doing what is allowed. acting according to an agreement
एकाहार्य adj. ekAhArya making no difference between allowed and forbidden food
प्रेहिद्वितीया f. prehidvitIyA rite at which no second person is allowed to be present
प्रतिभोजित adj. pratibhojita one who has been allowed to eat food besides the prescribed diet
अवपात्रित adj. avapAtrita a person not allowed by his kindred to eat or drink from the same vessel
वेणि f. veNi hair twisted into a single unornamented braid and allowed to fall on the back
घृत n. ghRta ghee i.e. clarified butter or butter which has been boiled gently and allowed to cool