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ध्वनि m. dhvani allusion
न्यङ्ग n. nyaGga allusion
समुत्क्षेप m. samutkSepa allusion to
सूचन n. sUcana allusion to
व्यञ्जना f. vyaJjanA allusion
उल्लेख m. ullekha allusion
प्रस्ताव m. prastAva allusion
सङ्केत m. saGketa allusion
उपक्षेप m. upakSepa allusion
ध्वनन n. dhvanana allusion
व्यञ्जन n. vyaJjana allusion
उपक्षेपण n. upakSepaNa allusion
गाम्भीर्य n. gAmbhIrya hidden allusion
ध्वनित्व n. dhvanitva figurative allusion
प्रस्तोभ m. prastobha allusion or reference to
पूर्ववाक्य n. pUrvavAkya allusion to a former utterance
ध्वनिमत् adj. dhvanimat containing a hint or an allusion
व्यङ्ग्य adj. vyaGgya indicated by allusion or insinuation
उन्मीलित n. unmIlita unconcealed or open reference or allusion to
मैथुनाभाषण n. maithunAbhASaNa conversation in which allusions are made to sexual intercourse
प्रस्तुताङ्कुर m. prastutAGkura allusion by the mention of any passing circumstance to something latent in the hearer's mind
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