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मेदिन् m. medin ally
रणसहाय m. raNasahAya ally
सहाय m. sahAya ally
आपि m. Api ally
सम्बन्ध m. sambandha ally
सार m. sAra ally
सुहृद् m. suhRd ally
स्वयुग्वन् m. svayugvan ally
मित्र n. mitra ally
अभिसन्दधाति verb abhisandadhAti { abhisaMdhA } ally
सन्धान-करण n. sandhAna-karaNa allying
सन्धानकरण n. sandhAnakaraNa allying
वाजबन्धु m. vAjabandhu ally in battle
सुहृद्बल m. suhRdbala army of an ally
परस्परोपकारिन् m. parasparopakArin ally or associate
उपगृह्णाति verb upagRhNAti { upagrah } take as one's ally
सहार्थिन् adj. sahArthin desirous of an ally
प्राकृतमित्र n. prAkRtamitra natural friend or ally
अरिमित्र m. arimitra ally or friend of an enemy
वातापि m. vAtApi having the wind as an ally
लघुमित्र n. laghumitra ally of little power or value
सममते verb samamate { samam } ally or connect one's self with
इन्द्रमेदिन् adj. indramedin one whose friend or ally is indra
इन्द्रसखि adj. indrasakhi one whose ally or companion is indra
अविवाह्य adj. avivAhya one to whom one ought not to ally one's self by marriage
पार्ष्णिग्रह m. pArSNigraha either an ally who supports or an enemy who attacks the rear of a king
प्राकृतोदासीन m. prAkRtodAsIna sovereign whose dominions are situated beyond those of the natural ally
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