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अमोघ adj. amogha not vain
अमोघ adj. amogha fruitful
अमोघ adj. amogha efficacious
अमोघ adj. amogha drastic
अमोघ adj. amogha succeeding
अमोघ adj. amogha unerring
अमोघ adj. amogha hitting the mark
अमोघ adj. amogha unfailing
अमोघ adj. amogha productive
अमोघा f. amoghA unfalling one, a poetical reference to the night
अमोघा f. amoghA plant of which the seed is used as a vermifuge
अमोघा f. amoghA mystical name of the letter kS
अमोघा f. amoghA kind of myrobalan tree [Terminalia Citrina Roxb. - Bot.]
अमोघा f. amoghA kind o medicinal plant [Erycibe Paniculata Roxb - Bot.]
अमोघा f. amoghA Fragrant Padri tree [Bignonia Suaveolens - Bot.]
अमोघा f. amoghA trumpet flower
अमोघ m. amogha not erring
अमोघ m. amogha not failing
अमोघ m. amogha shark
अमोघता f. amoghatA unerringness
अमोघदृश् adj. amoghadRz of an unfailing look or eye
अमोघवाच् adj. amoghavAc whose words are not vain
अमोघबल adj. amoghabala of never-failing strength
अमोघार्थ adj. amoghArtha of unerring purpose
अमोघदण्ड m. amoghadaNDa unerring in punishment, name of ziva
अमोघकिरण n. amoghakiraNa immediately after sunrise and before sunset
अमोघपतन adj. amoghapatana not falling in vain
अमोघपतन adj. amoghapatana reaching the aim
अमोघदर्शन m. amoghadarzana name of an unfailing eye, name of a nAgI
अमोघविक्रम m. amoghavikrama of unerring valour
अमोघवाञ्छित adj. amoghavAJchita never disappointed
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