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आयाम m. AyAma amplitude [computer]
विस्तार m. vistAra amplitude
आवेप-विस्तार m. Avepa-vistAra amplitude of vibration
दोल-विस्तार m. dola-vistAra amplitude of oscillation
उर्व्या f. urvyA amplitude
विस्तीर्णता f. vistIrNatA amplitude
विस्तीर्णत्व n. vistIrNatva amplitude
प्राचुर्य n. prAcurya amplitude
अग्र n. agra sun's amplitude
अग्रभाग m. agrabhAga degree of amplitude
अग्रा f. agrA measure of amplitude
अग्रे n. agre measure of amplitude
अग्रज्या f. agrajyA sine of the amplitude
अर्काग्रा f. arkAgrA sun's measure of amplitude
प्रथम m. prathama sum of the products divided by the difference between the squares of the cosine of the azimuth and the sine of the amplitude
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