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अनुदान n. anudAna grant
अनूढ adj. anUDha not borne
अनूढ adj. anUDha not carried
अनूढा f. anUDhA unmarried woman
अनूढा f. anUDhA spinster
अनूढा f. anUDhA bachelor girl
अनूढा f. anUDhA bachelor woman
अनूढ m. anUDha unmarried man
अनुदक adj. anudaka waterless
अनुदक adj. anudaka without adding water
अनूदक n. anUdaka want of water
अनूदक n. anUdaka aridity
अनुदान n. anudAna donation
अनूदर adj. anUdara having no belly
अनुदार adj. anudAra mean
अनुदर adj. anudara thin
अनुदार adj. anudAra adhered to or followed by a wife
अनुदर adj. anudara lank
अनुदार adj. anudAra niggardly
अनूदति verb 7,6 anUdati { anu- ud } bewet [moisten]
अनुदय m. anudaya not rising
अनुदय m. anudaya non-rising
अनूधस् f. anUdhas udderless
अनूधस् f. anUdhas having no breasts
अनूधस् f. anUdhas young girl
अनुदग्र adj. anudagra not lofty
अनुदग्र adj. anudagra low
अनुदग्र adj. anudagra not projecting
अनुदकम् ind. anudakam without touching water
अनुदण्डि f. anudaNDi back bone
अनुदर्श m. anudarza representation
अनुदर्श m. anudarza admonition
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta not raised
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta having the neutral general tone neither high nor low
अनुदत्त adj. anudatta remitted
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta not elevated
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta having the one monotonous ordinary intonation which belongs to the generality of syllables in a sentence
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta not pronounced with the udAtta accent
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta grave
अनुदत्त adj. anudatta given back
अनुदात्त adj. anudAtta accentless
अनुदत्त adj. anudatta granted
अनुदात्त m. anudAtta one of the three accents to be observed in reading the Vedas
अनुदात्त m. anudAtta grave accent
अनुददाति verb anudadAti { anudA } permit
अनुददाति verb anudadAti { anudA } restore
अनुददाति verb anudadAti { anudA } give way
अनुदपान n. anudapAna non-water-drinking
अनुदपान n. anudapAna thirst
अनुदर्शिन् adj. anudarzin considering
अनुदर्शिन् adj. anudarzin foreseeing
अनुदधाति verb anudadhAti { anudhA } concede
अनुदधाति verb anudadhAti { anudhA } allow
अनुदधति verb anudadhati { anudhA } stimulate
अनुदर्शन n. anudarzana consideration
अनुदर्शन n. anudarzana inspection
अनुदर्शन n. anudarzana regard
अनुदर्शन n. anudarzana survey
अनूदस्यति verb 2 anUdasyati { anUdas } toss up behind or after
अनुदात्तदि n. anudAttadi nominal base of which the first syllable is anudAtta
अनूढमान adj. anUDhamAna bashful
अनुधमति verb anudhamati { anudham } sprinkle over
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana going after a mistress
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana following
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana cleaning
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana chasing
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana going after
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana purification
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana pursuing
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana running after
अनुधावन n. anudhAvana close pursuit of any object
अनुधावति verb anudhAvati { anudhAv } cleanse
अनुधावति verb 1 anudhAvati { anu- dhAv } run after
अनुधावति verb 1 anudhAvati { anu- dhAv } chase
अनुधावति verb 1 anudhAvati { anu- dhAv } pursue
अनुधावित adj. anudhAvita run after
अनुधावित ppp. anudhAvita pursued
अनुधन्वति verb anudhanvati { anudhanv } run near
अनुदर्शयति verb caus. anudarzayati { anu- dRz } show
अनुदर्शयति verb caus. anudarzayati { anu- dRz } tell
अनुदात्ततर m. anudAttatara still lower in sound than anudAtta i.e. the very anudAtta accent
अनुदात्ततर m. anudAttatara more than anudAtta
अनुदात्तोदय n. anudAttodaya syllable immediately preceding the anudAtta accent
अनूढाभ्रातृ m. anUDhAbhrAtR brother of an unmarried woman
अनूढाभ्रातृ m. anUDhAbhrAtR brother of the concubine of a king
अनूढागमन n. anUDhAgamana going after an unmarried woman
अनूढागमन n. anUDhAgamana fornication
अनुधापयति verb anudhApayati put to the breast
अनुधापयति verb anudhApayati cause to suck
निर्वाह- अनुदान n. nirvAha- anudAna subsistence grant
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