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Sanskrit Grammar Transliteration English
अनानुकूल्य n. anAnukUlya inconvenience
अनणु adj. anaNu not minute or fine coarse
अनणु m. anaNu peas
अनणु m. anaNu coarse grain
अनानुद adj. anAnuda obstinate
अनानुद adj. anAnuda not giving way
अनानुजा f. anAnujA no younger sister
अननूक्त adj. ananUkta not responded to
अननुदार adj. ananudAra having no suitable wife
अननुकूल adj. ananukUla unfavorable
अननुमत adj. ananumata not approved or honoured
अननुमत adj. ananumata not liked
अननुमत adj. ananumata disagreeable
अननुमत adj. ananumata unfit
अननुयोग adj. ananuyoga not inquired after
अननुभूत adj. ananubhUta not experienced unknown
अननुभूत adj. ananubhUta not perceived
अनानुभूति f. anAnubhUti inattention
अनानुभूति f. anAnubhUti neglect neglectful or irreligious people
अनानुदिष्ट adj. anAnudiSTa unsolicited
अननुज्ञात adj. ananujJAta not agreed to
अननुज्ञात adj. ananujJAta not permitted
अननुज्ञात adj. ananujJAta denied
अनानुकृत्य adj. anAnukRtya inimitable
अनानुकृत्य adj. anAnukRtya unparalleled
अननुवाक्य adj. ananuvAkya not teaching recitation of the veda
अननुख्याति f. ananukhyAti not perceiving
अनानुपूर्व्य n. anAnupUrvya separation of the different parts of a compound word by the intervention of others
अनानुपूर्व्य n. anAnupUrvya not coming in regular order
अनानुपूर्व्य n. anAnupUrvya tmesis
अननुषङ्गिन् adj. ananuSaGgin not attached to
अननुषङ्गिन् adj. ananuSaGgin indifferent to
अननुष्ठान n. ananuSThAna non-observance
अननुष्ठान n. ananuSThAna neglect
अननुष्ठान n. ananuSThAna impropriety
अननूत्थान n. ananUtthAna not following
अननुभाषण n. ananubhASaNa not repeating a proposition
अननुभाषण n. ananubhASaNa tacit assent
अननुभावक adj. ananubhAvaka unable to comprehend
अननुध्यायिन् adj. ananudhyAyin not missing
अननुध्यायिन् adj. ananudhyAyin not missing anything
अननुध्यायिन् adj. ananudhyAyin not insidious
अननुभावकता f. ananubhAvakatA non-comprehension
अननुभावकता f. ananubhAvakatA unintelligibility
अनानुपूर्व्यसंहिता f. anAnupUrvyasaMhitA manner of constructing a sentence with the above tmesis