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अनाग adj. anAga sinless
अनागस् adj. anAgas sinless
अनागस् adj. anAgas blameless
अनागस् adj. anAgas innocent
अनागस् adj. anAgas not injuring
अनघ adj. anagha innocent
अनघ adj. anagha sinless
अनघ adj. anagha faultless
अनघ adj. anagha uninjured
अनघ adj. anagha free from blame
अनघ adj. anagha handsome
अनघ m. anagha white mustard
अनागम adj. anAgama not present
अनागम adj. anAgama not constituting an accession to previous property
अनागम adj. anAgama but possessed from time immemorial
अनागम adj. anAgama and therefore without documentary proof
अनागम adj. anAgama not come
अनागम m. anAgama non-arrival
अनागम m. anAgama non-attainment
अनगार m. anagAra vagrant ascetic
अनगार m. anagAra houseless
अनागत adj. anAgata not learnt
अनागत adj. anAgata not come
अनागत adj. anAgata unknown
अनागत adj. anAgata not arrived
अनागत adj. anAgata future
अनागत adj. anAgata not attained
अनागति f. anAgati non-attainment
अनागति f. anAgati non-accession
अनागति f. anAgati non-arrival
अनागामिन् adj. anAgAmin not arriving
अनागामिन् adj. anAgAmin not future
अनागामिन् adj. anAgAmin not subject to returning
अनागामिन् adj. anAgAmin not coming
अनागम्य adj. anAgamya unapproachable
अनागम्य adj. anAgamya unattainable
अनागर्त adj. anAgarta without holes
अनघता f. anaghatA innocence
अनागामुक adj. anAgAmuka not in the habit of coming
अनागामुक adj. anAgAmuka not likely to come
अनगारिका f. anagArikA houseless life of such an ascetic
अनागास्त्व n. anAgAstva sinlessness
अनागतवत् adj. anAgatavat connected with or relating to the future
अनागमिष्यत् adj. anAgamiSyat one who will not approach
अनागताबाध m. anAgatAbAdha future trouble
अनागतार्तवा f. anAgatArtavA girl who has not yet attained to puberty
अनागमोपभोग m. anAgamopabhoga enjoyment of such property
अनागतावेक्षण n. anAgatAvekSaNa act of looking at that which is not yet come or the future
अनागतविधातृ m. anAgatavidhAtR disposer of the future
अनागतविधातृ m. anAgatavidhAtR provident
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