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अनन्य adj. ananya unique
अनन्य adj. ananya undistracted
अनन्य adj. ananya no other
अनन्य adj. ananya not having a second
अनन्य adj. ananya not attached or devoted to any one else
अनन्य adj. ananya not another
अनन्य adj. ananya not more than one
अनन्य adj. ananya undeviating
अनन्य adj. ananya not different
अनन्य adj. ananya sole
अनन्य adj. ananya unswerving
अनन्य adj. ananya identical
अनन्य adj. ananya having no other
अनन्य adj. ananya self
अनन्यता f. ananyatA identity
अनन्यत्व n. ananyatva identity
अनन्यदेव adj. ananyadeva having no other god
अनन्यादृश adj. ananyAdRza not like others
अनन्यगति adj. ananyagati having only one resort or resource left
अनन्यगति f. ananyagati sole resort or resource
अनन्यगुरु m. ananyaguru having no other as a Guru
अनन्यहृत adj. ananyahRta not carried off by another
अनन्यहृत adj. ananyahRta safe
अनन्यार्थ adj. ananyArtha not subservient to another object
अनन्यार्थ adj. ananyArtha principal
अनन्ययोग m. ananyayoga not suitable to any others
अनन्यभव adj. ananyabhava originating in or with no other
अनन्यभाव adj. ananyabhAva thinking of the only one i.e. of the Supreme Spirit
अनन्यचेतस् adj. ananyacetas giving one's undivided thought to
अनन्यचित्त adj. ananyacitta giving one's undivided thought to
अनन्यदृष्टि adj. ananyadRSTi gazing intently
अनन्यगामिन् adj. ananyagAmin going to no other
अनन्यकार्य adj. ananyakArya having no other business
अनन्यमनस् adj. ananyamanas exercising undivided attention
अनन्यपूर्वा f. ananyapUrvA female who never belonged to another
अनन्यपूर्वा f. ananyapUrvA virgin
अनन्यवृत्ति adj. ananyavRtti closely attentive
अनन्ययोगम् ind. ananyayogam not in consequence of any other
अनन्याश्रित adj. ananyAzrita not having resorted to another
अनन्याश्रित adj. ananyAzrita independent
अनन्याश्रित n. ananyAzrita unencumbered property
अनन्यछेतस् adj. ananyachetas without deviation of the mind
अनन्यचोदित adj. ananyacodita self-impelled
अनन्यगतिक adj. ananyagatika having only one resort or resource left
अनन्यमानस adj. ananyamAnasa exercising undivided attention
अनन्यराधस् adj. ananyarAdhas striving after nothing else
अनन्यवन्दिन् adj. ananyavandin not praising anybody else
अनन्यविषय adj. ananyaviSaya exclusively applicable
अनन्यमनसस् adj. ananyamanasas without deviation of the mind
अनन्यमनस्क adj. ananyamanaska exercising undivided attention
अनन्यसामान्य adj. ananyasAmAnya extraordinary
अनन्यनिष्पाद्य adj. ananyaniSpAdya to be accomplished by no other
अनन्यपरायण adj. ananyaparAyaNa devoted to no other
अनन्यसाधारण adj. ananyasAdhAraNa not common to any one else
अनन्यसाधारण adj. ananyasAdhAraNa not belonging to any other
अनन्यप्रतिक्रिय adj. ananyapratikriya having no other means of resistance or redress
अनन्यविषयात्मन् adj. ananyaviSayAtman having the mind fixed upon one object
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