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अनपर adj. anapara without another
अनपर adj. anapara having no follower
अनपर adj. anapara single
अनपर adj. anapara sole
अनपराध adj. anaparAdha innocent
अनपराध adj. anaparAdha faultless
अनपराध adj. anaparAdha free from defects
अनपराध m. anaparAdha innocuousness
अनपराध m. anaparAdha innocence
अनपराद्ध adj. anaparAddha one who has not injured anybody
अनपराद्ध adj. anaparAddha faultless
अनपराधिन् adj. anaparAdhin innocent
अनपराद्धम् ind. anaparAddham without injury
अनपराधत्व n. anaparAdhatva freedom from fault
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