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अनाथ m. anAtha orphan
अनाथालय m. anAthAlaya orphanage
आनत adj. Anata pacified
आनत adj. Anata bending
अनत adj. anata not bowed down
आनत adj. Anata obedient
आनत adj. Anata conciliated
आनत adj. Anata stooping
अनत adj. anata not changed into a lingual consonant
आनत adj. Anata bent or curved inwards (as a bow)
आनत adj. Anata saluted reverently
आनत adj. Anata bowed
अनत adj. anata stiff
आनत adj. Anata flat
अनत adj. anata erect
आनत adj. Anata humbled
अनत adj. anata haughty
आनत adj. Anata sunk (not elevated)
अनत adj. anata not bent
आनत adj. Anata submissive
अनाट m. anATa child or any young woman
अनाथ adj. anAtha having no master or protector
अनाथ adj. anAtha parentless
अनाथ adj. anAtha widowed
अनाथ adj. anAtha poor
अनाथ adj. anAtha fatherless
अनाथ adj. anAtha helpless
अनाथ n. anAtha want of a protector
अनाथ n. anAtha helplessness
आनतज m. Anataja class of divine beings
अनातप adj. anAtapa cool
अनातप adj. anAtapa protected from heat
अनातप adj. anAtapa shady
अनातप m. anAtapa freedom from the blaze of the sun
अनातप m. anAtapa shade
अनातत adj. anAtata not stretched or strung
अनाथालय m. anAthAlaya asylum for poor
अनाथसभा f. anAthasabhA poor-house
अनाथपिण्डद m. anAthapiNDada giver of cakes or food to the poor
अनाथपिण्डिक m. anAthapiNDika giver of cakes or food to the poor
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