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अनेन समयेन indecl. anena samayena by this time
अनेन पर्यायेण indecl. anena paryAyeNa in this manner
अनेन विधानेन phrase anena vidhAnena according to this rule
अनेन व्यञ्जनं करणीयं आसीत् sent. anena vyaJjanaM karaNIyaM AsIt You should have cooked dry curry this way.
अनेन adj. anena faultless
अनेन adj. anena sinless
अनेन adj. anena without stags
अनेन indecl. anena by this
अनेन m. anena overeign or paramount
अनेन m. anena One who has no superior
अनेनस् adj. anenas blameless
अनेनस् adj. anenas sinless
अनेनस् adj. anenas not liable to error
अनेनस् adj. anenas not liable to errors
अनेनस्य n. anenasya sin
अनेनस्य n. anenasya freedom from fault
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