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अन्न n. anna cooked and ready-to-eat rice
अन्नग्रह m. annagraha crop [Zool. (receptacle for food)]
पीवो अन्न adj. pIvo anna having rich or abundant food
अन्नप्राशन n. annaprAzana rice-feeding ceremony
अन्नं बहु उष्णम् sent. annaM bahu uSNam The rice is very hot.
अन्नं तण्डुलतः आगच्छति sent. annaM taNDulataH Agacchati Cooked rice comes from uncooked rice
अन्न adj. anna eaten
आन्न adj. Anna one who gets food
आन्न adj. Anna relating to food
आन्न adj. Anna having food
अन्न n. anna viSNu
अन्न n. anna food or victuals
अन्न n. anna cereal
अन्न n. anna earth
अन्न n. anna bread corn
अन्न n. anna food
अन्न n. anna food in a mystical sense
अन्न n. anna boiled rice
अन्न n. anna water
अन्नद adj. annada giving food
अन्नाद adj. annAda eating food
अन्नाद adj. annAda eating the most
अन्नाद m. annAda fire
अन्नज adj. annaja springing from or occasioned by food as the primitive substance
अन्नजा f. annajA kind of hiccup
अन्नपू adj. annapU purifying food
अन्नायु m. annAyu desirous of food
अन्नायु m. annAyu living by food
अन्नादिन् adj. annAdin eating food
अन्नाद्य n. annAdya food in general
अन्नाद्य n. annAdya proper food
अन्नजित् adj. annajit obtaining food by conquest
अन्नात्तृ adj. annAttR eating food
अन्नवत् adj. annavat possessed of food
अन्नविद् adj. annavid acquiring food
अन्नविद् adj. annavid knowing food
अन्नभुज् adj. annabhuj eating food
अन्नभुज् m. annabhuj fire
अन्नभुज् m. annabhuj name of ziva
अन्नादन n. annAdana eating of food
अन्नदान n. annadAna giving of food
अन्नदातृ adj. annadAtR giving food
अन्नदोष m. annadoSa fault committed by eating prohibited food
अन्नगति f. annagati oesophagus
अन्नगति f. annagati gullet
अन्नहार adj. annahAra containing food
अन्नहोम m. annahoma sacrifice connected with the azvamedha
अन्नजल n. annajala bare subsistence
अन्नजल n. annajala food and water
अन्नजात adj. annajAta springing from or occasioned by food as the primitive substance
अन्नकाल m. annakAla meal-time
अन्नकाल m. annakAla proper hour for eating
अन्नकाल m. annakAla time at which a convalescent patient begins to take food
अन्नकाम adj. annakAma desirous of food
अन्नमल n. annamala spirituous liquor
अन्नमल n. annamala excrement
अन्नमय adj. annamaya made of food
अन्नमय adj. annamaya made from food
अन्नमय adj. annamaya composed of food or of boiled rice
अन्नमय adj. annamaya consisting of food
अन्ननाल n. annanAla oesophagus
अन्नपति m. annapati lord of food
अन्नपति m. annapati god of fire
अन्नपति m. annapati lord ziva
अन्नपाश m. annapAza binding power of food
अन्नपेय n. annapeya explains the word vAja-peya
अन्नरस m. annarasa nutriment
अन्नरस m. annarasa taste in distinguishing food
अन्नरस m. annarasa essence of food
अन्नरस m. annarasa chyle
अन्नरस m. annarasa meat and drink
अन्नावृध् adj. annAvRdh prospering by food
अन्नयोनि m. annayoni arrack
अन्नशेष m. annazeSa leavings
अन्नशेष m. annazeSa offal
अन्नभाग m. annabhAga share of food
अन्नद्वेष m. annadveSa want of appetite
अन्नद्वेष m. annadveSa dislike of food
अन्नाहारिन् adj. annAhArin eating food
अन्नहर्तृ adj. annahartR taking away food
अन्नकाशिन् adj. annakAzin yearning for food
अन्नलिप्सा f. annalipsA desire for food
अन्नलिप्सा f. annalipsA appetite
अन्नपत्नी f. annapatnI goddess presiding over food
अन्नपत्य n. annapatya lordship over food
अन्नप्राश m. annaprAza putting rice into a child's mouth for the first time
अन्नपूर्ण adj. annapUrNa filled with food
अन्नपूर्ण adj. annapUrNa filled with or possessed of food
अन्नरक्षा f. annarakSA caution in eating food
अन्नार्थिन् adj. annArthin asking for food
अन्नतेजस् adj. annatejas having the vigour of food
अन्नशुभ adj. annazubha pleasant through food
अन्नभक्ष m. annabhakSa eating of food
अन्नदेवता f. annadevatA divinity supposed to preside over articles of food
अन्नगन्धि m. annagandhi dysentery
अन्नगन्धि m. annagandhi diarrhoea
अन्नजीवन adj. annajIvana living by food
अन्नकरण adj. annakaraNa preparing food
अन्नवस्त्र n. annavastra necessaries of life
अन्नवस्त्र n. annavastra food and clothing
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