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पर adj. para another
अपर adj. apara another
व्युत्पादन n. vyutpAdana derivation [Chem., preparation of an organic substance from another compound]
युगान्तर n. yugAntara another age
जगदन्तरम् jagadantaram another world
विदेश m. videza another place
अपरथा adverb aparathA in another way
अन्येद्युः adverb anyedyuH on another day
युगान्तर n. yugAntara another period
अन्यत्र indecl. anyatra in another place
सम्पृच्छति verb 6 sampRcchati { sam- prach } greet one another
अपरम् आनय ! sent. aparam Anaya ! Bring another one!
पूर्वापरी भवति verb pUrvAparI bhavati { pUrvAparIbhU } follow one another
सम्पृच्छति verb 6 sampRcchati { sam- prach } salute one another
परतन्त्र adj. paratantra be slave of another
परकीय adj. parakIya belonging to another
पराधीन adj. parAdhIna being slave to another
पूर्वापरी भवति verb pUrvAparI bhavati { pUrvAparIbhU } be connected with one another
वशी भवति verb vazI bhavati { vazIbhU } become subject to another's will
कारयति / -ते verb caus. kArayati / -te { kR } have anything made or done by another
परीक्षा अन्या, योग्यता अन्या! sent. parIkSA anyA, yogyatA anyA! Examination is one thing, ability another.
परसात् करोति verb parasAt karoti { parasAtkR } give into the hands of another i.e. in marriage
अन्यथा न भावयतु कृपया भोः | sent. anyathA na bhAvayatu kRpayA bhoH | Please do not consider/view in this another way.
अन्यक adj. anyaka another
अन्योन्य adj. anyonya another
अन्यत् adj. anyat another
इतर adj. itara another
तर्कभाषाभावप्रहाशिका f. tarkabhASAbhAvaprahAzikA another
तर्कभाषाप्रकाशिका f. tarkabhASAprakAzikA another
अपरम् indecl. aparam another
अनात्मन् m. anAtman another
अन्तर n. antara another
अन्तर n. antara another
विभक्त adj. vibhakta divided [by another number - Arith.]
सूक्ष्मधर्म m. sUkSmadharma subtle law [implied from another]
अनन्य adj. ananya not another
इतरेतर adj. itaretara one another
अश्वतर f. azvatara better mare [compared to another]
असूय f. asUya indignation [especially at the merits or the happiness of another]
परस्परम् ind. parasparam one another
श्रीबक m. zrIbaka another man
अन्योन्य pron. anyonya one another
अन्यादृश adj. anyAdRza like another
अन्यादृक्ष adj. anyAdRkSa like another
अन्यादृश् adj. anyAdRz like another
इक्ष्वालिका f. ikSvAlikA another sort
दत्तकमीमांसा f. dattakamImAMsA another work
श्रीमत् m. zrImat another tree
अश्वतर m. azvatara better horse [compared to another]
सुवीर m. suvIra another tree
बदर m. badara another tree
अन्यरूप n. anyarUpa another form
पदान्तर n. padAntara another word
जलाशयान्तर n. jalAzayAntara another lake
कालान्तर n. kAlAntara another time
कामकलातन्त्र n. kAmakalAtantra another work
शरीरान्तर n. zarIrAntara another body
देहान्तर n. dehAntara another body
ह्रदान्तर n. hradAntara another lake
आप्लवते verb Aplavate { Aplu } wash another
खेदिनी f. khedinI another plant
इन्दीवरा f. indIvarA another plant
तालपत्त्री f. tAlapattrI another plant
कपिपिप्पली f. kapipippalI another plant
हरिवल्लभा f. harivallabhA another plant
शीतपल्लवा f. zItapallavA another plant
सिन्दूरी f. sindUrI another plant
क्षुद्रपत्त्री f. kSudrapattrI another plant
शीतपर्णी f. zItaparNI another plant
क्रोष्ट्री f. kroSTrI another plant
सुवल्ली f. suvallI another plant
हिमोद्भवा f. himodbhavA another plant
कृति f. kRti another metre
गोपाली f. gopAlI another plant
केशमुष्टि f. kezamuSTi another plant
मधुकुक्कुटिका f. madhukukkuTikA another plant
हयगन्धा f. hayagandhA another plant
चारुकेसरा f. cArukesarA another plant
प्रहसन्ती f. prahasantI another plant
सुपिङ्गला f. supiGgalA another plant
केशी f. kezI another plant
सर्पाङ्गी f. sarpAGgI another plant
कुम्भी f. kumbhI another plant
परस्परम् ind. parasparam one another's
भृङ्गाह्व m. bhRGgAhva another plant
कार्श्य m. kArzya another plant
अपरलोक m. aparaloka another world
कीरेष्ट m. kIreSTa another plant
हिमाराति m. himArAti another plant
कालस्कन्ध m. kAlaskandha another plant
रोमश m. romaza another plant
कुलक m. kulaka another plant
शीघ्रजन्मन् m. zIghrajanman another plant
विषघ्न m. viSaghna another plant
वक्रपुष्प m. vakrapuSpa another plant
प्रव्रजित m. pravrajita another plant
स्थलपद्म m. sthalapadma another plant
क्षवक m. kSavaka another plant
शिखावत् m. zikhAvat another plant
अरक m. araka another plant
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