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अन्तर्भाव m. antarbhAva inclusion
अन्तर्भव adj. antarbhava generated internally
अन्तर्भव adj. antarbhava being within
अन्तर्भव adj. antarbhava inward
अन्तर्भव adj. antarbhava internal
अन्तर्भाव m. antarbhAva internal disposition
अन्तर्भाव m. antarbhAva inherent condition of disposition
अन्तर्भाव m. antarbhAva disappearance
अन्तर्भाव m. antarbhAva inherent nature
अन्तर्भावना f. antarbhAvanA inward meditation or anxiety
अन्तर्भावना f. antarbhAvanA rectification of numbers by the differences of the products
अन्तर्भवन n. antarbhavana interior of a house
अन्तर्भवति verb antarbhavati { antarbhU } to be contained
अन्तर्भवति verb antarbhavati { antarbhU } to be inherent or implied
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