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अन्तरे ind. antare amidst
अन्तरे ind. antare with regard to
अन्तरे ind. antare for the sake of
अन्तरे ind. antare on account of
अन्तरे indecl. antare among
अन्तरे indecl. antare between
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa amidst
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa on account of
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa within
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa during
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa with regard to
अन्तरेण ind. antareNa with reference to
अन्तरेण indecl. antareNa between
अन्तरेण indecl. antareNa except
अन्तरेण indecl. antareNa without
अन्तरेष m. antareSa space between the two shafts of a carriage
अन्तरेति verb antareti { antari } exclude from
अन्तरेति verb antareti { antari } pass over
अन्तरेति verb antareti { antari } omit
अन्तरेति verb antareti { antari } stand in one's way
अन्तरेति verb antareti { antari } separate  
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