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अनुग m. anuga attendant
अनुगामी adj. anugAmI consecutive
अनुगामिन् adj. anugAmin successive
- अनुगत ppp. - anugata obsessed by
अनुगच्छति verb 1 anugacchati { anu- gam } accompany
अनुगच्छति verb 1 anugacchati { anu- gam } come along with
अनुगच्छति verb 1 anugacchati { anu- gam } go along with
अनुगामी पूर्णाङ्क m. anugAmI pUrNAGka conjugate integer [Math.]
अनुगामी पूर्णाङ्क m. anugAmI pUrNAGka consecutive integer [Math.]
तव हृदयम् अनुगच्छ sent. tava hRdayam anugaccha Follow your heart.
अनुग adj. anuga following
अनुग adj. anuga a servant
अनुग adj. anuga corresponding with
अनुग adj. anuga followed by
अनुग adj. anuga adapted to
अनुग adj. anuga a companion
अनुग adj. anuga going after
अनुग adj. anuga a follower
अनुगा f. anugA or according to the wishes of
अनुगा f. anugA to undergo
अनुगा f. anugA to go after
अनुगा f. anugA follow ; to act in conformity to
अनुग m. anuga follower
अनुग m. anuga companion
अनुग m. anuga servant
अनुगम m. anugama approaching
अनुगम m. anugama following
अनुगम m. anugama going after in life or death
अनुगम m. anugama post-cremation of a widow
अनुगम m. anugama imitating
अनुगान n. anugAna after-song
अनुगर m. anugara invitation addressed to a reciter
अनुगर m. anugara on
अनुगत adj. anugata acquired
अनुगत adj. anugata extinguished
अनुगत adj. anugata having anything hanging behind
अनुगत adj. anugata tallying with
अनुगत adj. anugata following
अनुगत adj. anugata a follower
अनुगत n. anugata moderate time
अनुगत ppp. anugata { gam } approached
अनुगत ppp. anugata { gam } followed by
अनुगति f. anugati following
अनुगति f. anugati imitation
अनुगति f. anugati dying out
अनुगाढ adj. anugADha plunged or immersed in
अनुगादिन् adj. anugAdin repeating another's words
अनुगामिन् adj. anugAmin following
अनुगामिन् adj. anugAmin a companion
अनुगम्य adj. anugamya to be followed or imitated
अनुगन्ती f. anugantI message
आनुगत्य n. Anugatya following
आनुगत्य n. Anugatya acquaintance
आनुगत्य n. Anugatya familiarity
अनुगवम् ind. anugavam so as to suit the cows
अनुगायस् adj. anugAyas followed by shouts or hymns
आनुगादिक adj. AnugAdika belonging to one who repeats another's words
आनुगादिक adj. AnugAdika repeating another's words
अनुगङ्गम् ind. anugaGgam along the Ganges
आनुगङ्ग्य adj. AnugaGgya being along the gaGgA
अनुगाहते verb anugAhate plunge after
अनुगमन n. anugamana going after in life or death
अनुगमन n. anugamana post-cremation of a widow
अनुगमन n. anugamana following
अनुगमन n. anugamana imitating
अनुगमन n. anugamana approaching
अनुगामुक adj. anugAmuka habitually or constantly following or attending
अनुगणित adj. anugaNita counted over
अनुगापन n. anugApana causing to sing after
आनुगतिक adj. Anugatika following
आनुगतिक adj. Anugatika relating to or proceeding from
अनुगतिक m. anugatika imitator
अनुगतिक m. anugatika follower
अनुगवीन m. anugavIna cowherd
अनुगायति verb anugAyati sing after [a person or a tune]
अनुगण्डिका f. anugaNDikA chain of hills
अनुगणितिन् adj. anugaNitin one who has counted over
अनुगर्जति verb anugarjati shout or roar after
अनुगर्जित adj. anugarjita echoing after
अनुगर्जित n. anugarjita echo
अनुगर्जित n. anugarjita roaring after
अनुघटन n. anughaTana continuation
अनुगच्छति anugacchati die out [be extinguished]
अनुगच्छति anugacchati observe
अनुगच्छति anugacchati obey
अनुगच्छति verb anugacchati practise
अनुगच्छति verb 1 anugacchati { anu- gam } follow
अनुगच्छति verb 1 anugacchati { anu- gam } go after
अनुगन्तव्य adj. anugantavya to be followed
अनुगन्तव्य adj. anugantavya worthy of being imitated
अनुगन्तव्य adj. anugantavya to be looked for or discovered
अनुगतार्थ adj. anugatArtha having a corresponding meaning
अनुघट्टयति verb anughaTTayati rub lengthwise
अनुघट्टयति verb anughaTTayati stroke
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