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अनुकूल adj. anukUla convenient
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA convenience
अनुकूल adj. anukUla friendly
अनुकूल adj. anukUla according to the current
अनुकूल adj. anukUla following the shore or a slope
अनुकूल adj. anukUla kind
अनुकूल adj. anukUla facing
अनुकूल adj. anukUla pliable
अनुकूल adj. anukUla well-disposed
अनुकूल adj. anukUla agreeable
अनुकूल adj. anukUla favourable
अनुकूल adj. anukUla conducive
अनुकूल adj. anukUla conformable to
अनुकूल adj. anukUla following the bank or slope or declivity
अनुकूला f. anukUlA wild Croton plant [Croton Polyandrum - Bot.]
अनुकूल m. anukUla faithful or kind and obliging husband
अनुकूल n. anukUla narrative of calamity leading finally to happiness
अनुकूलन n. anukUlana currying favor
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA consent
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA prosperity
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA concord
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA good-will
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA favour
अनुकूलता f. anukUlatA conformity
अनुकूलवायु m. anukUlavAyu favorable wind
अनुकूलवायु m. anukUlavAyu favourable wind
अनुकूलयति verb denom. anukUlayati { anu- kUlay } act in a friendly way towards
अनुकूलयति verb denom. anukUlayati { anu- kUlay } favour
अनुकूलकारिन् adj. anukUlakArin showing kindness
अनुकूलनायक m. anukUlanAyaka kind husband or lover
अनुकूलपरिणाम adj. anukUlapariNAma concluding favorably
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