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अनुलोम सहसम्बन्ध m. anuloma sahasambandha positive correlation [Statistics]
अनुलोम adj. anuloma regular
अनुलोम adj. anuloma successive
अनुलोम adj. anuloma with the hair or grain
अनुलोम adj. anuloma conformable
अनुलोम adj. anuloma in a natural direction
अनुलोम adj. anuloma in order
अनुलोमा f. anulomA woman of a lower caste than that of the man's with whom she is connected
अनुलोम m. anuloma mixed castes
अनुलोमम् ind. anulomam in regular order
अनुलोमज adj. anulomaja offspring of a mother inferior in caste to the father
अनुलोमन n. anulomana carrying off by the right channels
अनुलोमन n. anulomana purging
अनुलोमन n. anulomana due regulation
अनुलोमन n. anulomana sending or putting in the right direction
अनुलोमाय adj. anulomAya having fortune favourable
अनुलोमार्थ adj. anulomArtha one who holds favourable views on any question
अनुलोमयति verb anulomayati { anulomaya } make favourable
अनुलोमयति verb anulomayati { anulomaya } stroke or rub with the hair
अनुलोमयति verb anulomayati { anulomaya } send in the right direction
अनुलोमकल्प m. anulomakalpa thirty-fourth of the atharva-pariziSTas
अनुलोमकृष्ट adj. anulomakRSTa ploughed in the regular direction
अनुलोमपरिणीता f. anulomapariNItA married in regular gradation
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