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अनुपद adj. anupada following closely
अनुपद n. anupada word for word
अनुपद n. anupada on the heels of
अनुपद n. anupada chorus
अनुपद n. anupada close behind or after
अनुपद n. anupada refrain
अनुपद n. anupada burden of a song or words sung again after regular intervals
अनुपदम् ind. anupadam step by step
अनुपध m. anupadha having no penultimate
अनुपध m. anupadha letter or syllable not preceded by another
अनुपादान n. anupAdAna omission
अनुपादान n. anupAdAna not mentioning
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } notice
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } follow
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } understand
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } attend
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } handle
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } be fond of
अनुपदति verb anupadati { anupad } enter
अनुपदवी f. anupadavI road followed after another
अनुपदस्त adj. anupadasta not decaying
अनूपधत्ते verb anUpadhatte { anUpadhA } pile up after or in addition to
अनूपधत्ते verb anUpadhatte { anUpadhA } place upon
अनूपदधाति verb anUpadadhAti { anUpadhA } place upon
अनूपदधाति verb anUpadadhAti { anUpadhA } pile up after or in addition to
अनुपदसूत्र n. anupadasUtra commentary explaining the text word for word
अनूपदस्यति verb anUpadasyati { anUpadas } fail after
अनूपदस्यति verb anUpadasyati { anUpadas } become extinct after
अनूपधारयति verb anUpadhArayati { anUpadhR } hold towards in addition to
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