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अनुरूप adj. anurUpa in accordance with
अस्याः शाटिकायाः अनुरूपः चोलः न लब्धः sent. asyAH zATikAyAH anurUpaH colaH na labdhaH I could not get a matching blouse for this saree.
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa following the form
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa corresponding
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa fit
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa suitable
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa adapted to
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa like
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa according to
अनुरूप adj. anurUpa conformable
अनुरूप m. anurUpa Antistrophe which has the same metre as the stotriya or Strophe
अनुरूप m. anurUpa second of three verses recited together
अनुरूप n. anurUpa conformity
अनुरूप n. anurUpa suitability
अनुरूपम् ind. anurUpam conformably
अनुरूपम् ind. anurUpam according
अनुरूपक adj. anurUpaka the same as
अनुरूपक adj. anurUpaka like
अनुरूपतस् ind. anurUpatas conformably
अनुरूपचेष्ट adj. anurUpaceSTa endeavouring to act becomingly
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