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अनुशय f. anuzaya disease of the feet
अनुशय f. anuzaya boil on the head
अनुशय m. anuzaya the consequence or result of an act [phil.]
अनुशय m. anuzaya repentance
अनुशय m. anuzaya regret
अनुशय m. anuzaya close connection as with a consequence
अनुशय m. anuzaya hatred
अनुशय m. anuzaya close attachment to any object
अनुशय m. anuzaya ancient or intense enmity
अनुसायम् ind. anusAyam evening after evening
अनुसायम् ind. anusAyam every evening
अनुशयान adj. anuzayAna repenting
अनुशयान adj. anuzayAna regretting
अनुशयाना f. anuzayAnA heroine or female character who regrets the loss of her lover
अनुशयाक्षेप m. anuzayAkSepa objection expressing repenting
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